360 browser was sentenced to pay 100,000 yuan for filtering Youku’s pre-title ads

IT House reported on April 26 that the civil first-instance judgment of Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd. for unfair competition disputes was announced today.

According to the judgment, the defendant Qihoo Company provided plug-ins such as “Bingmei Go to Ads” in the “360 Safe Browser” operated by Qihoo. After installing the plug-ins involved in the case and accessing Youku, the pre-movie advertisements and pause advertisements on Youku could be removed.

Youku believes that this behavior has caused significant losses to Youku, including the reduction of advertising fee income and the reduction of member recharge income, which constitutes unfair competition.

The court held that Qihoo had established unfair competition, and finally ordered Qihoo to compensate Youku for economic losses of 100,000 yuan and reasonable expenses of 3,000 yuan.

IT House learned that previously, Magic Browser received a notice of indictment from a video website of a giant company for the ad blocking function of Magic Browser, and was required to pay huge amounts of compensation. Magic Browser is incapable of winning the lawsuit and will therefore go bankrupt and cease operations.

When accessing the Firefox extension store using an IP in mainland China, some ad blocking extensions are displayed as unavailable, such as uBlockOrigin, AdGuardAdBlocker, AdBlockForFirefox, and AdNauseam. The status code returned by the request is 451, and the response content displays “unavailable for legal reasons”.

(IT House)


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