4K Wallpaper-(Second Issue) Share My Wallpaper

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I usually like to collect some high-definition wallpapers, which can be used as the desktop of the computer, and can also be used as design posters, ppt pictures, etc. Just recently, there is another batch of big harvests (scraped from various domestic and overseas websites), all kinds of categories will be put, and you can use them yourself! Share it here, I hope someone likes it.

4K resolution 3840×2160 73P


The source of the wallpaper is shared with netizens. The copyright of the picture belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement problem, please let us know and we will deal with it as soon as possible.

download link

Baidu network disk: download link extraction code: 3idh

Tencent Weiyun: Download link extraction code: k8b4gm

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