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[51LA Website Statistics V6] Newcomers can get 5 yuan in cash from registration~ Now join the “Youzhan Program”, and you can earn additional income, click the link for details

  1. Active object:
    High-quality webmasters We encourage webmasters who support the creation and operation of websites to apply. If there are collections, irrelevant content stacking behaviors, and pure display sites with no substantive content under the account, they will not pass the review.
  2. Activity time:
    2022/02/24 – 2024/05/10 (The event time will be extended depending on the event situation)
  3. Participation conditions:
    Need to register and successfully add code to use 51LA website statistics V6.
    The website enables mandatory domain name matching to facilitate accurate reflection of website data.
    The content of the website does not contain any content related to politics, prohibition, violence, terrorism, pornography, etc., and conforms to relevant national laws and regulations.
  4. Affiliate member benefits:
    Earn weekly incentive program benefits for your website.
    Get an exclusive alliance level logo.
    Get the opportunity to showcase the alliance’s follow-up promotions.
  5. When the website you operate grows gradually, you can also obtain the following exclusive services and permissions:
    Participate in new features, new product discussions and priority access qualifications.
    Provide help and channels for mutual assistance of high-quality webmaster resources.
    Exclusive VIP customer service, priority response support.
  6. Automatic exit mechanism:
    IP deduplication is less than 20 in the past 7 days for 3 consecutive weeks.
    Immediately log out when illegal (statistically illegal website) use is detected and can’t participate in the event permanently.
    If you do not log in to your account for 90 consecutive days, you will be automatically logged out of the event.

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