6 Department: Cultivate and optimize the carbon emission trading market in Chongqing


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 25 that six departments including the People's Bank of China issued a notice on the issuance of the "Overall Plan for the Construction of a Green Financial Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone in Chongqing". After about five years of hard work, a green financial system with diverse organizations, rich products, powerful policies, and safe and efficient market operation has been basically established in Chongqing. Implement the concept of green development and identify green and low-carbon transformation opportunities in major industrial sectors with reference to internationally accepted green financial standards. The green allocation of financial resources will be smooth and efficient, the scale of green credit and green bonds will increase rapidly, innovations in green financial products, tools and service models will continue to emerge, and the financing environment for green industries will gradually improve. Fintech and green finance are deeply integrated, and the digitalization of green finance has achieved remarkable results. Promote the development of carbon finance market. Cultivate and optimize the carbon emission rights trading market, explore the system for the paid use of initial quotas, develop carbon sinks in the agriculture and forestry industries, and explore the feasibility of financing businesses such as carbon asset quota repurchase and replacement of certified voluntary emission reductions.

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