7/22 Dividend Record Chat

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After receiving the salary from Black Dog yesterday, July also officially came to an end, ushering in the last month before turning 40 with the second highest single-month dividend record of the year.

I have seen financial experts/labor organizations say that in order to maintain living standards after retirement, the monthly “retirement” should be at least 40% to 60% of the pre-retirement salary. According to this standard, the current average monthly passive income has officially reached 14k, in terms of the current active salary ratio, is more than enough to meet the standard.

However, I personally think that this ratio is still a bit general, and it is difficult to predict the future situation. Many people do not even have the concept of passive income, and only think of relying on EPF, fixed deposits and savings insurance for the rest of their lives. Because we can’t judge how long we will live in retirement, rather than sitting on the back burner after retirement, or spending all the dividends we receive, it’s better to set aside a portion of passive income to continue the good habit of reinvesting dividends. After retirement, your income can continue to grow. Even if unexpected events are lucky not to come, you can also use it to cope with the inevitable inflation, and even have the energy to improve the quality of life after retirement.

The dividend road, bit by bit, is slow like a snail, but it can go from a passive hourly wage of a few cents at the beginning, to a few yuan, and even to today’s hourly wage of about 19 yuan, which is very difficult for the naked eye. Still happy to see the progress.

Some people may think that it takes 14 or 15 years to build this passive cash flow. However, thinking in reverse also proves that this road can stand the test of time, not to mention the past ten years. There have been turmoils of all sizes around the world and in Malaysia.

Some people may also think that the hourly salary of 19 yuan is very low. If you work 22 days a month in terms of working hours, you can only earn about 3,300 yuan per day for 8 hours a day. However, please remember that the current salary is not active income but passive income. It is a steady stream of income 24 hours a day, so the daily income is actually about 460 yuan. Even if half of it is put into the portfolio, it will continue to accumulate and only spend If you lose the other half, you can spend more than 200 yuan every day, which means you have nearly 7,000 yuan to spend every month. This is the charm of passive salary.

In any case, even if the dividend method is seen as a stable investment method, it has not been smooth sailing.

However, Mercury Bear is convinced that only after tasting the sweet, sour, bitter and spicy will he laugh at the firewood, rice, oil and salt😌🐻

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