7-22 The whole story of the fraud case

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I’m stunned…


2022.7.22 15:42 or so, I was busy, and suddenly received a fixed call:
(0731)8896 7662, claiming to be customer service, say my name,
and call my JD bullion service,
The interest rate is too high, and it must be cleared if it does not meet the national regulations; the closing entrance can not be found,

Then, it may be that the option to close automatically was not selected at first;
Then guide to open the website and access the customer service of the CBIRC for inspection:

https://CBIRC Customer Service Center.co

Note that it is .co not .com; the customer service you enter looks normal on the phone


After entering the query, a private credit report result is given, which is not very secure:

personal credit

At that time, I felt that something was wrong, and I also searched and looked at the official website.

People’s Bank of China Credit Information Center


Although no private credit information entry was found, it finally seems to be organized;

Then, saying the phone was taking too long directed me to a dingding session, with a lot of people in it, started to guide me further:

  • To remove illegal financial products
  • To transfer the account through all accounts of WeBank, complete the settlement
  • The specific process is roughly:
    • First explain the situation to the customer service of the People’s Bank of China Credit Information Center
    • Then search for WeChat微粒贷from WeChat to complete the loan
    • Then get the account number from天眼查企业工业查询, and transfer the money to the past.
    • Waiting for internal clearing

For example, if you want to enter verbatim:

My XXXX connects to the China UnionPay security authentication account and repays the loan amount of 40,000 yuan to Shenzhen Qianhai WeBank Co., Ltd., interest-free, and then obtains the bank electronic invoice and personal settlement certificate

And the account number obtained from天眼查企业工业查询also seems to be a standard enterprise accounting account;


It is repeatedly emphasized in the middle:

  • We are微众银行are not allowed to remove illegal financial products one by one
  • No charge throughout
  • Full recording/image, report to country
  • All authentication passwords, passwords, do not say it

All kinds of formal, intermediate operations I have never been exposed to before, and my attention has changed from why to take a loan to how to assist the bank to complete the operations required by the state…

Even the middle request to download乐播视频and remotely share the mobile phone screen through a temporary live broadcast, all of which were done;

There is only one thought in my heart, hurry up to finish it and go back to programming; just after an hour of complicated operations…:

  • 16:26 Borrowed 40,000 yuan from Micro Loan and transferred it to: Zhou Zhuya Pudong Development Bank 6259 5847 0941 7933
  • 16:41 Borrowed 35,000 yuan from Micro Loan and transferred it to: Wang Lichao Post Bank 6217 9958 4006 4373 053
  • 17:20 Withdrawal of 20,000 yuan from credit card, transfer to: Cao Dongsheng Construction Bank 6217 0020 6005 9732 72

There was even a departmental meeting in the middle, and after it was interrupted, it continued…

The reason is that the 6 bank cards bound in WeChat may have been accidentally bound to illegal financial products in the past, and need to be cleaned up one by one;

But I have never tossed about financial products, so it was extremely difficult, all kinds of products did not allow me to take loans,
I also asked a few times in the middle, why do you want me to take a loan? He immediately gave an answer that included professional terms…

In the end, it was the wife who came home to see the scene and immediately called the police, which stopped the fraud.

The police in the jurisdiction where they are located do not know how to deal with this kind of fraud, and give invalid instructions,
In the end, I asked the Internet police directly, only to know that there is a special珠海市打击治理电信网络新型违法犯罪中心.
That is, the反诈中心. In the past, I only knew that it would take 48 hours to check before entering.
After tossing again and again, it was easy to enter, the record was repeated for 3 hours, and all the processes were completed at 1:00 in the morning;
The next day, only SMS notification of acceptance;

The next step is to unbind/change the password/… run the bank flow, check, and then go to the center to submit…

After negotiating with the微粒贷, I realized that they are just agency banking products, and there is no way to change them.
It was only two days after the early repayment, and the two loans before and after had already generated nearly 60 yuan in interest… I was in a cold sweat…


Why are you so obedient, and then transfer money to someone you don’t know?

From that scene, in retrospect, there are doubts everywhere, and the fraud gang is also very careful:

  • app: dingding
  • app: Music Video
  • Mini Program:微粒贷
  • Mini Program:天眼查企业工业查询

All are normal public services/applications, but they all use temporary entrances or rhetoric to guide victims to operate on their own.
In the eyes of the bank and the beneficiary, it is completely normal behavior;

And a few supporting sites:

  • https://CBIRC Customer Service Center.co
  • customer service:
    • https://ift.tt/kNCg4pG
  • People’s Bank of China Credit Information Center https://ift.tt/Ao5xjqa

It is the prop prepared by the fraud gang, with the tone and reason that is sure and unreasonable,
and the constant tension of instructions, causing attention to change from determining why to do it to how to do it to complete the task,
Even, each bank card, corresponding to the operation in the bank app application, has become an exploration task…

Every time there is vigilance, there are also terms of justice to attract attention. After all, most people are disgusted that others think they do not understand,
Therefore, the automatic brain made up a lot of reasons, but Wu Yan thought about it as a whole, why do you want to rush, why do you immediately transfer money to someone you don’t know…

Looking back on my actions, it was like a machine that was possessed and operated involuntarily with its head covered…


Or the principle given by the Taurus wife is reliable:

  • Any money transfer/passage is a scam
  • No one wants to spend hours solving your own problems…

And, the National Anti-Fraud Center app, install it now…

Please God bless the programmers who have finished eating…


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