8.8 Figures received millions of yuan in financing

Nanjing 8.8 Digital is a virtual human full-link service company. The company proposes different industry solutions for identity-based and service-based virtual humans, and serves customers in government enterprises, brands, film and television, games, animation and other customer marketing and business scenarios. Get through the full-link service of virtual human products from IP research and development to industry solutions to SDK cloud rendering technology authorization. Recently, it has received millions of yuan in PreA+ round financing from Ralph Ventures, which is another financing after the investment of Baotong Technology (Hainan Yuan Universe) in the past two months. This round of financing will be mainly used to optimize the core technology research and development and functional upgrade of X-Men, a non-code intelligent virtual human content creation and sharing platform, continue to promote the standardization of virtual human beings, and promote the expansion of virtual human application scenarios from singleness to diversification.

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