A Brief Talk on the Situation of “Blogging Teaching”

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In this era when traffic is almost monopolized by several giants, independent blog sites are like isolated islands in the vast ocean. They stand silently on the sea surface, being washed by the weak currents, stirring up tiny ripples that are completely negligible. For the entire ocean, the time an island rises from the surface until it is completely submerged again is as short and insignificant as a wave that is stirred up and then quickly submerged in the water.

The fate of the vast majority of independent bloggers is the same. Bloggers carefully or arbitrarily, voluntarily or compelled to maintain this piece of land that belongs to their own one-third of an acre, and visitors discover and visit them by accident or necessity, intentional or unintentional, and leave their own footprints or not when leaving. Walk a cloud. It’s just that when the blog is completely shut down, these footprints will disappear with the blog. The ripples once stirred up by it may still ripple in the network ocean for a while, and after a while, these ripples will disappear without a trace, as if they never existed.

Even if we and our blogs will eventually be lost, at least we have worked hard and struggled, and they have been brilliant and brilliant.

But in the eyes of people who don’t understand, people who insist on blogging are like followers of a certain religion, investing their time, money and energy into these useless things. However, these people may not even realize that they have inadvertently revealed the secret. (Be careful, I’m going to start making up things)

Yes, blogging is indeed a religion, and that religion is well-known and well-known – teaching. However, I am worried that your pronunciation is not standard or the recipient’s hearing is poor, which will cause unnecessary trouble for my teaching and yourself, so I will call it “blog teaching” here.

The family of bloggers is not always as harmonious as it appears on the surface. It is divided into several sects: the sect of matter, the sect of form, the sect of purpose, and the sect of power, and there are several sects under each sect. The leadership of the Blog Church is one leader, four masters, and twelve sect leaders. Of course, the sect leader can also serve as both the master and the head, and the master can also serve as the head. It’s just that they are all too mysterious, and I don’t know any of them.

Let me briefly introduce the famous “Four Schools and Twelve Schools” of blogging.

raw material

The material sect is the largest sect of bloggers, and it is also recognized by the majority of believers as the “authentic sect of Bomen.” The most important thing for the followers of the material religion is the quality of blog content. Due to the strict self-discipline and diligence of the members of the material sect, the sect has produced many “big men”, especially the three sects of the sect of technology sharing, life perception and literature and art.

The technology sharing group is the main force of the entire material sect, and even the entire blog teaching. This is understandable, because after all, building an independent blog requires certain relevant technical knowledge, and believers who master this knowledge can both use this knowledge and share it selflessly. So many of the blogs that exist are technical blogs.

Although the Life Comprehension School and the Literature and Art School both belong to the first major sect of the Material Sect, but due to the slightly higher threshold, there are relatively few believers. The believers of these two factions mainly share their own life insights and literary creations. Because they have the same philosophy, they always feel very cordial when they meet the brothers of the same sect. They are also the two most harmonious sects in the entire blog teaching.


Form sect is differentiated from material sect. Formalists pay the most attention to the form of “blogging”. They are happy to show and share their blogs to others, and teach how to build a website. Therefore, this sect has a lot of credit for the development and growth of the blogger family. Formalism includes appearance first, complete internal organs, and the frontier of the times.

Appearance First is a branch of blogging that has exploded recently. The followers of this sect are very keen to decorate and beautify their blogs, such as adding large carousel pictures, background special effects, and beautifying the mouse pointer style to the blog.

Well-rounded believers are more enthusiastic about the function of blogging. Their blogs are almost omnipotent, such as playing music online, switching online (simplified, traditional, Cantonese, Shanghai, Beijing, Northeast, Southwest) English, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Italian and other languages, and online generation of belt 2 Dimensional code picture poster, integrated powerful member registration, login, points and other systems.

Strictly speaking, the Frontiers of the Times is not a new sect, but the progressives of the previous two factions. In order to better fulfill the teachings, they strive to learn cutting-edge knowledge in the fields of web design and website construction, and apply these learning results to their respective blogs, or develop themes, plugins, tutorials, etc. for the same masters and brothers to learn and progress.


Many followers of Purpose Sect are absorbed and transformed from foreign teachers such as “Online Resume Teaching”, “Personal IP Teaching” and “Laying Earning Teaching”. Members of the Sectarian religion usually have relatively clear goals for blogging, and the goals of different sects are quite different, so it is relatively easy for infighting among the professional development, personal growth and wallet sects of the sect. This is also the most troublesome for the Grand Master of the Gou Sect. Almost every time the high-level bloggers meet, the leader will mention this matter, so that he can’t lift his head in front of other masters. He had to go back and talk to the heads of the various factions of the sect every time, telling them that “Wen Lin should put peace as the most important thing, and don’t engage in fighting in the nest”, but with little success.

The members of the career development school and the personal growth school of the purpose sect have a high degree of overlap with the material sect of technology sharing, which is recognized as the “authentic sect of Bomen”. They all believe that they have a higher right to speak in this sect, so the two factions do not like each other and fight each other openly and secretly, even if they are brothers and sisters of the same sect.

Professional development followers are good at recording their working methods and summarizing their work experience in their blogs. These contents can improve their working ability to a certain extent and allow them to have better career development. The personal growth school is similar to the professional development school, but it is more inclined to use blogging as a way to show and improve one’s personal abilities, rather than seeking development in one or several specific fields.

The purse pragmatists are the most pragmatic, they believe that what you sow pays off, but their definition of “harvest” is limited to economic gain. Their blogs are full of various advertisements, full of various soft articles, and set various thresholds for paid viewing and paying attention to public account viewing. They are the most competitive denomination in the entire blogging religion and the most passionate about SEO.


Most of the followers of the Kinetic Sect are the off-line developed by the followers of the aforementioned sects. The members of the Kinetic Sect are relatively less devout because they have some chance of joining the religion. The more well-known sects of this sect are the forced and helpless sect, the best use of everything, and the people who want me to sect.

The forced helpless group decided to transfer their positions to personal blogs because they had been unfairly treated on other platforms, such as LOFTER, Zhihu, Weibo, etc. For them, it doesn’t really matter where they write it, the important thing is that they won’t be inexplicably deleted and banned.

Make the most of it and I want it to be the most ungodly. The former happens to have an idle domain name or server on hand, so he hangs up a blog and writes something casually, while the latter sees that others have blogs and wants one for himself, so he has one.

The above is the basic situation of the four and twelve sects of the blog. But because this organization is extremely mysterious, especially the leader of the blog and the four great masters always appear in everyone’s field of vision as ordinary people. Maybe they never show up, maybe he just sneaks up in the comments section of this article, but no one knows who he is.

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