A Guide to Anti-Moral Kidnapping in Love I

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I should have mentioned before that I love to “eavesdrop” on other people’s conversations while I’m eating. It wasn’t actually eavesdropping, but what they said was so obvious that it was easy for me to separate out the causes and consequences of the inside. For example, during dinner yesterday, I heard a couple talking at the next table.

Male: “I’ve never chatted with a girl when I’m with you”
Female: “Then why do you have contact with her”
Male: “I may have misremembered, I haven’t talked to a girl for a long time.”
Woman: “I saw you talking to her just now”
Male: “I really don’t, I rarely chat with girls”

Obviously, this is the content of a very common and very simple kernel quarrel. It’s just that the two people at the moment are too different in rank, and the young boy is completely led by the woman by the nose. In the three sentences, each sentence is contradictory to each other, like a poor bandit being pushed back step by step.

I even hate that boy for not being able to live up to his expectations. Obviously, there are many things worth “climbing” in what the woman said, but the man is too eager to be trapped by the problem in front of him, so he can only be spread from one problem to more complicated by the woman. things above.

Woman: “Didn’t you guys chat on Weibo?”
Male: “I just looked at it a few times”
Woman: “Didn’t she say hello to you?”
Man: “But just to say hello”
Female: “It can only be said that her anti-reconnaissance ability is too strong”

It’s a pity that the man didn’t use the “correct” means to deal with the woman’s pressing step by step. This scene of hating iron is not steel, so I had to write today’s article for the two of them, which is the “Guide to Anti-moral Kidnapping in Love” as the title suggests.

Let’s first split the original key question: “Why do you have contact with her?” From this, we can extend a lot of questions, and there are many more wrongs. If you don’t have the courage to “quarrel”, then entanglement around this issue will never come to fruition, and the “additional issues” mentioned above will also be pulled out. Then at this time, the incident should be picked up at the very beginning to avoid everyone being confused about “who she is”.

Focus: When the other party starts to ask the question “Why do you have contact with her”, you should ask the other party “Why do you want to look at my mobile phone” at the first time. This question may seem dangerous, but it is the most effective way to prevent two people from getting entangled in the original question that has no impossible “correct answer”.

However, it is foreseeable that if the man asks “why do you look at my cell phone”, the other party will be furious and even threaten to break up. Because there is a high probability that the woman will find that this is a reverse moral kidnapping, because “chatting with other women” at the beginning is their main capital for moral kidnapping of each other, but this capital itself is an “unreasonable” situation. above, because they peeked at the man’s phone.

At this time, they will probably answer the rhetorical question in another way: “If I don’t watch, I will still be kept in the dark, you and her are already together.” At this time, a woman will definitely presume a causal relationship between her behavior and a certain “consequence”, so as to reduce her fault for peeking at her mobile phone.

Key points: If the other party proposes the causal relationship of this kind of stealing concept, then we will start a new line, and also use the method of causality to steal the other party’s concept back to his own control : “I haven’t seen it either. Your cell phone, can I be sure that you are not chatting with someone else’s man?”

Sometimes, people who are eager to prove their innocence will always predict the exchange of the cost of moral kidnapping. For example, a person shows the annoyed look of “the other party still doesn’t trust me”, and then proposes to the other party “you can look at my mobile phone” to kidnap the other party against morality, because they predict in advance that “the other party will not be able to get along” Possibility of climbing” because they have put themselves in a lowest position to show the greatest loyalty. If the other party really wants to look at their mobile phone, it means that the other party does not trust them.

When many boys are found to have an affair with other girls on their mobile phones, they will predict the other party to express their sincerity, saying that they can open the WeChat of their mobile phones, or give the other party the account password of WeChat to prove their innocence. . If at this time, the other party really wants to check, or log in to his account at some point in the future, then there is the original capital of moral kidnapping.

I advise everyone to stop using such a simple method, but to kidnap the other party and use the other party’s logic to set a trap: “I haven’t seen your mobile phone, can I be sure that you haven’t chatted with other men’s men? ?” At this time, the other party will have two situations, one is that there is a ghost in her heart, and she is really ambiguous with different boys, so she will get angry in advance, thinking it is unreasonable; the other is the player’s way of playing against the player. It is predicted that the other party will not check his mobile phone, so he will say “then I will show you the mobile phone to the head office.” At this time, if the boy climbs down the pole and says “OK, let’s check each other”, then the other party collapses at this time. The possibility of an outbreak will be very high-because her pre-judgment has been dismantled.

Focus: At this time, the other party will make the final conclusion with the logic of “you don’t trust me at all, so you don’t love me at all”. Just follow the logic in this direction, and then steal the concept back : “Then what about you, do you not trust me when you peek at my phone?”

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore, let’s break up.”

“Fuck off!”

How to deal with each other’s threat of breaking up, we will see you next time. (But wouldn’t it be bad to let her go?)

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