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“Second Uncle” is anchored as a new emotional coordinate on the Internet in the narration and filming of his returning nephew. Some people saw the fateful optimism of “playing a bad hand” in his stories, some people substituted the pain of being crushed by the times, and some people tried to restore a series of structural problems from the presentation of the original video fragments: rural Medical collapse, disability education and employment discrimination, misogynistic view of marriage, success-only theory, left-behind elderly people… Paradoxically, in the eleven-minute video, the second uncle is everywhere, but never speaks. He has become a good medicine, chicken blood, and argument for others, but he has lost the space to express himself in the commotion.

Just like the disabled themselves, the disabled community and non-profit organizations are often hidden from the public eye, and only get a glimpse of attention on some special anniversaries. At the end of Disability Pride Month , Yushengzhi compiled a list of disabled communities, information platforms and non-profit organizations based on WeChat official accounts. In addition to an information integration for disabled friends, the editors also hope that the diverse appearances within the disabled community and the daily work of disabled public welfare organizations can be seen, and we hope that this can promote the integration of different types of communities and organizations. Connections and organic interactions across borders.

The communities, platforms, and organizations on this list have different backgrounds, whether official or non-governmental, and have different methods and opinions on how to strive for the well-being of people with disabilities, and even have disputes with each other. But as Caffore said in a previous article, “Achievable Futures, Future Alliances,” published by Yukoshi, “Disagreement prompts us to recognize and acknowledge our own presuppositions, and the presuppositions we delineate around our own work. boundaries; without such a divide, without it forcing us to re-examine our positions, we can easily overlook what we ourselves exclude, and the impact they have.” This list is presented without preference, and we believe that Only by facing up to differences can we jointly seek the greatest common divisor on disability issues and forge the foundation of the alliance. The following order is in no particular order, except for podcasts, you can search directly on the WeChat public account.

Due to the limited academic ability of the editor, it is difficult to cover all aspects. You are welcome to help us supplement the missing information in the message area and improve the picture of the disabled alliance network together.

Arrangement / Zi Hao, Meng Zhu

Title image: Sunaura Taylor, Wheelchair on the Moon. What does a wheelchair that travels through the universe represent? Where do people in wheelchairs go, or are they wheelchairs themselves? How do they touch the surface and how do they form relationships with each other? Source: https://ift.tt/yu96GL4

Disability Rights and Social Inclusion Advocacy

minority says

Pan-disability advocacy and popular science, a platform for the exchange of disabled youth.

Disability Voices

People with disabilities have different haze but the same sunshine, different tears but the same smile, different experiences but the same rights, let us talk about rights together, speak up together, be happy together, disability rights Activists welcome you to join us! People with disabilities have different haze but the same sunshine, different tears but the same smile, different experiences but the same rights, let us talk about rights together, speak up together, be happy together, disability rights Activists welcome you to join us!

disability history

Here, start your journey and make every life embrace possibility! (Beijing Zhiliao Social Work Development Center)

Fusion Box INformation

INformation is an online knowledge base for disability integration, aimed at practitioners in the field of disability employment, disseminating the concepts, knowledge and methods of integrated employment. (Taicang Zhongde Shanmei Industrial Co., Ltd.)

One plus one 2006

Disability – Public Welfare – Value (Beijing One Plus One Disabled Institution Management Co., Ltd.)

Hemu has learning

An innovative academy that walks into the life of disabled young people to think independently, and through social practice, it cooperates with people from all walks of life and walks out of a new path. (Guangzhou Hemu Disabled Public Welfare Innovation Center)

Information dissemination

Disability Information and Policies and Regulations

Disability news

Push the latest disability news for you every day.

EasyInclusion Financial Consulting

Make diversity integration easier. (Beijing Rongyi Yidian Consulting Co., Ltd.)

Autism Information

The information release platform of the China Association for Autism Working Committee is committed to promoting the establishment of a social support system for autism in China. It is a platform for autism researchers, parents, teachers and the public to comprehensively and objectively understand the development of autism in China, and to provide information and popular science knowledge. , share wisdom, advocate inclusiveness, and transmit positive energy.

Disabled bosom friend

This official account platform mainly forwards and disseminates pictures and texts aimed at promoting the implementation of national policies and regulations (and policy advocacy) to protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. The scientific development of “Drum and Shout”.

Talang Electronic Information for the Disabled

Foreign information is coming, this information will share with you the latest foreign disability information, I hope it can add a fresh color to our sky!

Employment for the Disabled

China Disabled Persons’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Network Service Platform

Pay attention to the national disabled employment and entrepreneurship network service platform, keep abreast of all kinds of disabled employment information, provide policy inquiry, job agency services, vocational training, disabled product display and transaction and other services, and jointly promote disabled people’s employment and entrepreneurship. (China Disabled Persons’ Federation Employment Service Guidance Center/China Blind Massage Guidance Center)

silent cake

Light up the silent world with dreams. (Guangzhou Silent Dream E-Commerce Co., Ltd.)

Sino-German Sunac Factory

Promote the integration of employment for persons with disabilities. (Taicang Zhongde Shanmei Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Disabled Community Empowerment and Local Organizations

visually impaired

Golden blind rod for self-reliance

Practical experience for the visually impaired, considerate physical services, a mutual assistance platform for the blind created by the “Visual Impaired Hotline” team, will take you to enjoy life with your eyes closed. (Beijing Fengtai District Sonic Disabled Social Service Center)

Hearing Impaired and Sign Language Learning

Keeper of the Word

“Speakers” is a spontaneous public welfare group, most of which are located in Wuhan, and can undertake services related to deaf people and sign language. We build a platform for deaf people to express themselves, and call for the establishment of sign language status and equal opportunities for deaf and hearing communication. If you are willing to contribute or cooperate, please send an email to [email protected]

love deaf sign language

Ai Deaf Sign Language (full name “Shandong Ai Deaf Sign Language Research Center”) became the first provincial-level sign language research institution in China in February 2009. Private non-enterprise. The core work includes: ①sign language research, ②sign language training, ③sign language interpretation, ④helping deaf employment, ⑤deaf culture research and publicity to promote the integration of deaf people and the whole society, and to condense social forces for mutual aid for the deaf. (Shandong Love Deaf Sign Language Research Center)

Deaf Companion

Deaf Companion is an online platform for deaf people under Nanjing Shanmei Technology. It is committed to promoting the employment of deaf people, entrepreneurship guidance, skill training, dating and matchmaking, and a comprehensive service platform for domestic and international tourism! Enrich the life of the deaf and realize the value of the deaf! (Nanjing Shanmei Technology Information Consulting Co., Ltd.)

Deaf people are promising

Long people are promising, and Guangwei is the medium; culture is the heart, and the world is exchanged. (Anhui Longwei Culture Media Co., Ltd.)

Home for the Deaf

Welcome to Home for the Deaf, an information service for the hearing impaired! Thank you for your attention to the “Home for the Deaf” public platform. Voice Live Voice Live – the first vertical social information sharing platform for hearing-impaired groups in China. Focus on the social sharing of the hearing-impaired group, build a bridge of social communication for the deaf group, and promote the integration of the deaf and the healthy. (Shenzhen Shenghuo Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.)

hearing impaired

Here, Reading Impaired

Universal Sign Language

“National Common Sign Language Common Vocabulary” was published by Huaxia Publishing House, and was officially released and implemented as a national standard in July 2018. (Huaxia Publishing House Co., Ltd.)

Accessible Sign Language Culture

Barrier-free Sign Language Cultural Center is a social enterprise dedicated to the dissemination of sign language culture and one-stop service. Driven by public welfare, ideals and mission, we use a sustainable business model to eliminate barriers between deaf and hearing people, and realize the dual value of business and public welfare. “Promoting the integration of the deaf and hearing, and realizing a barrier-free society” is our original intention, and we will set sail with our mission. (Accessible Sign Language (Guangzhou) Service Co., Ltd.)

Guangzhou Sign Language Research Association

Guangzhou Sign Language Research Association was established in 1986. It is a mass academic group under the management of Guangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation. It is committed to the research, innovation and development of sign language for the deaf in Guangzhou, Guangdong and even the whole country. Follow the “Guangzhou Sign Language Research Association” to learn more about sign language and promote the integration of healthy and deaf people. (Guangzhou Sign Language Research Association)


Communication Worry-free is a project team under the hand-sounding company that provides barrier-free services. It provides sign language interpretation services for the deaf, provides suitable positions for all types of persons with disabilities, and creates a barrier-free working environment in the enterprise to integrate the handicapped and the handicapped. Worry-free communication is a resource and bridge for you, whether it is a hearing person or a deaf person. When we work together, we can achieve barrier-free environmental life (Shanghai Shoushengqing Information Service Co., Ltd.)

Yantai Sign Language Comprehensive Service Center

Yantai Sign Language Comprehensive Service Center (also known as “Sign Language Paradise”) was officially established in May 2020. This is an organization founded and operated by deaf people to help the majority of deaf people solve various life, education and psychological problems. Provide sign language services, cultural exchange activities, photography and videography services, media operation and publicity, psychological counseling, sign language training research, etc.

Zheng Xuan Studio

The personal studio of Professor Zheng Xuan of Beijing Normal University is mainly devoted to the education of hearing-impaired children, sign language research and promotion, hearing and speech rehabilitation, barrier-free support and public service for special groups, etc.

hand island

Weifan Chen focuses on sign language interpretation and cultural knowledge sharing for the deaf.

Handy Dream Sign Language Cultural Center

Sign language learning and communication platform . (Shanghai Suimeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Osmanthus has something to say

Wang Yiming focuses on sharing knowledge about sign language learning.

Du Yinling

Here, you can use your mobile phone to learn zero-based sign language anytime, anywhere, and ask questions and consult instantly! Disclaimer: Only pictures are taught here. If you can’t meet your learning needs, you can go to Sina Weibo to follow Du Yinling and choose to watch dynamic GIFs or video learning! I wish the children boots a happy study!

you look so beautiful

Turn sound into shape and illuminate silent life.

China Deaf Association Sign Language Committee

Give full play to the role of deaf organizations as bridges and platforms, coordinate and guide local deaf associations, carry out and participate in sign language research and popularization, protect the language rights of deaf people, promote the standardization and popularization of common sign language, and jointly create a harmonious and beautiful environment. Information barrier-free human environment.

Physical disability


Prosthetic problems, come to ask the limbs

mental retardation

ALSO Autism

ALSOLIFE is committed to building a high-quality intervention system and a bright future for millions of autistic families. www.alsolife.com provides future-oriented online assessments, targeted reports, personalized teaching plans and home training guidance for children with autism. The ALSO·IN Demonstration Center provides offline rehabilitation services and uses technology to change interventions. (Beijing Old Man Aba Technology Co., Ltd.)

rice and millet

Rice and Xiaomi is a professional service platform for children with autism spectrum in China, providing integrated services such as intervention and rehabilitation, integration support, parent training and popular science consultation. More than 20 offline intervention and rehabilitation centers have been opened in other places, and the construction of integrated kindergartens for children with autism has been actively promoted. (Shenzhen Fumi Health Technology Co., Ltd.)

Broccoli Coconut

A Third-Party Perspective: Naked Autism

Rong Love Rongle

An organization voluntarily established by the parents of the mentally handicapped, a public welfare platform to help the mentally handicapped integrate into the society. Provide social, cultural and sports activities for the mentally handicapped, and support the mentally handicapped in employment through professional training.

Asperger’s Mutual Aid Homes

Everything about Aspergers and the autistic community.

special family

Sharing of parenting experiences of parents of children with autism spectrum

Blue Shirt Aspie

I don’t know what loneliness is because I’m on the autism spectrum disorder. If you are on the same genealogy, I hope my experience can be helpful to you of the same kind; if you are an ordinary person, I hope I can let you see another colorful world

Shenzhen Association of Mental Disabled and Relatives and Friends

Represent the common interests of the mentally disabled, reflect the special needs of the mentally disabled, serve the mentally disabled, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the mentally disabled, promote the mentally disabled to be equal, fully participate in social life, and share social material and cultural achievements.

Shenzhen Autism Research Association

Provide loving consultation, industry advocacy, and promote industry development. Diversified benevolence, love to open and close! Dedicated to serving people with autism! Official Weibo: @Shenzhen Autism Research Association

Shenzhen Watch Association

Watching and helping families of the mentally handicapped across the country. Pay attention to family support, service supervision, policy advocacy, parent organization building, and public education. (Official account of Shenzhen Shouwang Family Care Association for Mentally Handicapped Persons)

Clover Parent Support Center

Autism scientific intervention, parental psychological support, social advocacy. Ordinary little things, love and attention for a special family.

Xiaogeng Foundation

Inheriting the spirit of the concept of “advocacy for the rights of people with mental disabilities”, promoting changes through advocacy, and letting the sun of fusion bathe the world.

Xiamen small snail

Carry out various activities for people with disabilities, their families and social integration; promote and fund physical and mental rehabilitation training, integrated education, supportive employment, rehabilitation and retirement communities for people with disabilities and other projects and activities that meet the needs of people with disabilities for continuous life planning . (Small Snail Family Support Center for Persons with Disabilities, Huli District, Xiamen)

little girl autism

A public welfare organization based on Missouri Week established by several North American Chinese, popularization of autism research and intervention methods

Young Love Parents Club

Improve the quality of life of people with special needs and their families, so that children with special needs and their families participate in social life as equals and enjoy respect and happiness. (Guangzhou Yangai Special Child Parents Club)

Autism Support Circle

Help each other throughout life.

Disability · Mental Health · Women

voice mind

A non-profit organization that focuses on mental health and mental health. It is committed to using social innovation and youth power to improve the public’s mental health awareness and literacy, improve the public’s mental and mental health level, promote the protection of the rights and interests of the mentally handicapped and social integration, and promote China’s mental health and social integration. Progress in mental health and ultimately social inclusion and sustainable development

no worries

Committed to the barrier-free advocacy of “disabilities”, hoping to catalyze the multicultural sensitivity of the psychological counseling industry to the disabled minority, and to improve the well-being of disabled visitors.

Disabled Sister BEST

Based on the promotion of disability equality and gender awareness, become a voice platform for women with disabilities, advocate social justice, promote the different charm and beliefs of women with disabilities, and create a return path for each unique individual

Belonging Space

A grassroots group that focuses on gender and mental health; promotes action through art, and promotes reflection and self-healing through action; openness and sharing to expand an equal and diverse network of mutual assistance.

handicapped arts


BODY ON&ON is a contemporary cultural and art institution focusing on “body and mind, tolerance, art, and healing”. Taking body research, artistic innovation, and international exchanges as the dimensions, it is committed to exploring the energy of the body and the society of art. value.

Symbiosis good dance group

“Symbiosis Good Dance Troupe” was established in Guangzhou in June 2018. It is a non-profit dance troupe that implements the concept of “symbiosis”. The creativity and artistry of disabled dancers can change public stereotypes about disabled people and disabled arts, thereby promoting a diverse and inclusive society.

Shanghai International Deaf Film Festival

SHIDFF provides a unique platform for deaf and hearing-impaired filmmakers in China and around the world to showcase, share, and celebrate their creative work with a wider hearing and non-hearing audience. It provides a unique platform for the development of deaf and hard of hearing film talent through training and mentoring opportunities from its educational and media partners.

Master Zhu’s Mime Workshop

See the world with your eyes, tell stories with mime, tell jokes with your hands, and express your life with drama… Mime and sign language skit training courses are offered from time to time, allowing you to experience the wonderful world of mime and the charm of drama!

eye-catching tactileye

An experimental label for touch painting, animation, film or theatre!

Don’t install unfold

Hey, we feel that there shouldn’t be only one standard in the world. “Don’t Dress Up”, a public welfare project with the mission of exploring the aesthetics of different expressions of the body and the clothing revolution. We hope to return to the origin of the body, the relationship between the expression of people’s thoughts and the expression of clothing.

non-visual aesthetics

Share the beauty of non-visual life with you here

WABC Accessible Arts

May everyone live in a world full of beauty and love.

Shenzhen Philharmonic Orchestra

Through public welfare tours and non-governmental exchange performances, social advocacy for people with autism. (Shenzhen Philharmonic Orchestra)

Disability Studies at the College

Tsinghua University Barrier-Free Development Research Institute

The national new characteristic think tank and interdisciplinary innovation platform, which conducts interdisciplinary research on specific groups with inconvenience in action and perception, and promotes the improvement of the barrier-free environment and the development of an inclusive society. The research institute is entrusted by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, jointly built by the Tsinghua School of Architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Academy of Social Sciences, and is managed by the Think Tank Center.

THU Barrier Free Love

The Tsinghua University Student Accessibility Development Research Association focuses on accessibility and allows everyone to participate in social life independently, equally and freely. From here, start a journey with love.

Accessible Think Tank

This official account, with the goal of cultural leadership, consensus building, dissemination of ideas, and promotion of actions, publicizes the cause of accessibility, and promotes new concepts, new technologies, and new achievements of accessibility.

Barrier Culture Institute

Disabled people who record thinking

Accessible lecture hall

Share the popular science welfare knowledge that helps deaf people communicate and find employment, and help you live without barriers.

Disability Studies

The Research Association for the Development of Disabled Persons publishes magazines with books instead of books

Autistic Children Education Research Center

The Education Research Center for Children with Autism, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University is a teaching and research institution based on basic theory, facing social practice, and focusing on basic research and applied research. This public account is dedicated to providing autism policy information, research progress, etc. at home and abroad for autism professionals and parents.

Accessible Information, Design and Technology

Know far and have no barriers

The Zhiyuan Link Afar public welfare team was established in May 2020. It was initiated by a group of young people who are enthusiastic about public welfare innovation. It is committed to educating and empowering the diversified development of disabled people. The integrated career counseling program cooperating with the top 500 enterprises empowers the growth of visually impaired and hearing impaired youth and helps them explore infinite possibilities in the future.

Accessible Universal Design Research Center

Tianjin University Accessible Universal Design Research Center, formerly known as TJU “Accessible Design Research Institute”, was established in May 2013. The main research direction is “generalized barrier-free design” theory, with “barrier-free design higher education experience” and “barrier-free sign color design research” as two prominent features.

Accessible Design Team

Internet product barrier-free design sharing, manager @xiabingying. Knowing the column “Accessibility, everyone is treated kindly by the world”, the official account was formerly known as “Accessibility Design Research Group”

Information accessibility

Information accessibility related information and institutional dynamic release. (Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association)

QTU has no barriers

Wonderful road barrier-free, new attitude of life! (Nanjing Qitu Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Accessibility Pioneer

Shenzhen Barrier-Free Environment Promotion Association is committed to promoting the development of barrier-free environment, and has the courage to act as a pioneer in barrier-free environment propaganda! (Shenzhen Barrier-Free Environment Promotion Association)


Cross-strait barrier-free

This album mainly collects the main experiences of people with physical and mental disabilities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, covering all aspects of psychology, education, employment, intimacy, cultural leisure and personal growth of people with disabilities. It is hoped that the relevant staff and researchers can be provided with some contemporary and hierarchical field materials to promote the development of related research and practice.

Anchor introduction: Zhu Junyi Joey, a psychological counselor who loves life. After losing his sight halfway, he devoted himself to charity work in the field of disability. Later, I learned that Taiwan has good development in both psychological counseling and physical and mental disabilities, so I went to Taiwan Normal University to immerse myself in the doctoral program, hoping to apply Taiwan’s experience and use the energy of psychology to improve the situation of people with disabilities.

second vision

Produced around the blind travel, accessibility and other content. I hope you can learn about groups and things about them that you didn’t pay much attention to in the past on this podcast.

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