A small plan for cooking zongzi in the dormitory

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What should I do if I don’t have a pot and want to eat zongzi?


The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, and I also want to eat zongzi. But I usually live in a dormitory, and I don’t have a pot and can’t keep heating it. So how can I eat zongzi?

research experience

First of all, I have to buy some dumplings. After I placed the order, I found out that the price was reduced after half a day. 😂 After that, it took a lot of time to get the merchant to refund the difference. After the zongzi arrived, I thought that even if it was vacuum-packed, the zongzi itself should have been cooked before packaging, so I ate one raw as soon as it arrived. I thought eating raw would just cool down a bit, but it tasted like dirt 😂 . The second time I tried soaking in hot water for 7 minutes. After soaking, I found that the outer layer of rice had become sticky, but the inside was still like soil… But it seems that soaking in hot water can definitely make the vacuum cleaner. Once the dumplings are soaked, it’s only a matter of time.

I searched about it, and it takes about 20 minutes to cook the dumplings on a low heat, so I will change the hot water every 10 minutes, and soak them for a total of 20 minutes.

In the end, the effect was not bad, the inside and outside of the zongzi became soft.

However, the zongzi I bought this time were meat zongzi. For a more reliable result, the company just sent out another box of zongzi for the holidays, which can be used as a comparison.

Before, I soaked 2 salty zongzi in hot water, and the hot water was changed every 10 minutes for a total of 20 minutes. Now, 4 sweet zongzi are also soaked in hot water for 20 minutes. The final result is also very good, and it tastes like it has just been cooked.


Although the soaked zongzi looks and tastes the same as the one cooked in the pot when it is just made, but if you taste it carefully, you will feel that the rice is still a bit hard, and the effect of cooking in a pot is not as good. But it’s good to be able to eat zongzi in a place that can’t be heated. Originally, this method is a no-brainer method…

After thinking about it, this method seems to be quite useful if it is on the train. It feels more comfortable to eat zongzi on the train than to eat instant noodles.

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