A story of a girl and a peacock


Petro Kholodny’s famous work “The Story of a Girl and a Peacock” organically combines the subject’s mystical symbol of the peacock (the embodiment of the dream of eternal beauty) with the poetic and national painting traditions of Ukrainian folklore. The decoration of the painting is straight, with an emphasis on fine line painting, and the use of tempera and wood panels is reminiscent of old icon painting.

Holodny’s style is often described as a full-fledged Ukrainian Impressionist style with deep lyricism; it has no diagrammatic or archaic grammar. The artist also worked in graphic arts and eventually developed his own style of painting. In 1914, he was fascinated by ancient Galician icons and became fascinated by the tempera technique, which he has used frequently ever since.

Side note: If you liked this painting, you’ll love the artwork from Viktor Zaretsky , who is often referred to as “Ukrainian Gustav Klimt”!

85 x 114 cm

National Art Museum of Ukraine

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