A survey of five official cooperative remittance platforms for Alipay quick payment (Azimo, Yunhui monix, Koala Express, orbitremit, worldremit)

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Exchange Rate Rating Instructions

For remittances to mainland China, use the Bank of China spot exchange purchase price as the benchmark exchange rate https://www.boc.cn/sourcedb/whpj/

For remittances to other regions, use Revolut’s mid-market price as the benchmark exchange rate https://www.revolut.com/en-US/currency-converter

In addition, the acquisition time of different platforms may be different, but the acquisition time of the same platform is the same


In this issue, I found a few Azimo, Yunhui monix, Koala Express, orbitremit, worldremit that I did not know about in the cooperation platform of Alipay flash payment collection.

  1. Azimo looks normal, and the overall performance is not bad. It can be used as a lower-level replacement for WISE for EU/UK/HK/CA users. Comparable to the design patterns of platforms such as Skrill and Huibaoli
  2. Yunhui monix, it looks like a pheasant point, has an indescribable relationship with Omipay, but in a sense, it can be a challenger to the wise boardless account , it also provides multi-currency accounts, and it seems that it can also use mainland China ID cards. However, other functions do not seem to be remarkable. At the same time, it is also filled with tips for washing rice: For large amounts, please contact customer service.
  3. Koala Express, basically can only be used in AU, the relevant data is also hidden and not written clearly on the official website, it is not worth trying
  4. orbitremit, I don’t know if it’s a special offer for newcomers, you can watch it, if it’s really this price, it’s ok
  5. worldremit, the price has no advantage, and the cost is ambiguous. It is not worth trying.


Official website https://azimo.com/zh/send-money-to-china

Azimo is the official partner of Alipay Quick Collection

UK+NL+CA+HK license

The export destination is currently able to export from UK/EU/CA/HK, but does not support export from US/SG/CN

The import destination currently supports CN/US/SG/UK/EU/CA/HK, etc.

  • When remitting CN, you can choose Alipay (handling fee 0.99GBP, CNY) or SWIFT (handling fee 9.99 GBP, USD/EUR)
  • When remitting US, you can choose to receive ACH (handling fee 1.49 GBP, USD) or SWIFT (handling fee 9.99 GBP, USD/EUR)
  • When remittance HK, you can choose to receive SWIFT (handling fee 9.99 GBP, USD/EUR/HKD)

The official website has a relatively complete description, with transparent fees, limits, calculations, and payment methods. There are Chinese web pages and English online/email customer service.

Payment methods include (official website original):

  • Debit or credit card (Azimo offers a swipe limit of £12,000/€13,500)
  • Bank transfer via Internet Banking (not available in Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Australia)
  • If you are sending money from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy or the Netherlands, use SOFORT
  • Interac e-Transfer is available if you are sending money from Canada (currently unavailable for senders residing in Quebec)

It also provides corporate services https://azimo.com/zh/business

Azimo Business is designed for small and medium businesses. CEOs, accountants, freelancers and entrepreneurs representing companies registered in Europe (European Economic Area) use Azimo Business to make fast and low-cost international payments. All types of limited companies, partnerships, trusts, charities, self-employed, etc. can use Azimo Business for international remittances.

One or more employees of the same company can send money on behalf of the company by creating a separate Azimo Business account. Multi-user accounts are not currently supported.

In addition, note that the exchange rates of different remittance methods are not uniform, and the SWIFT exchange rate will be even worse.

Then according to the instructions, card payment is 3D verified and only accepts Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards issued in EEA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. We do not accept anonymous cards and some N26 cards. We can only accept corporate cards (Azimo Business Account).

Meanwhile, “As Azimo uses a local account to receive and disburse funds, there should be no fees from the sending or receiving bank, and no intermediary bank fees. However, credit card payments do incur a 2.99% fee.”

However, it is mentioned in the FAQ of the business (https://ift.tt/QHFmnXk) Azimo does not charge fees for transfers using debit or credit cards.

At the same time, for authentication and personal information, please refer to the official original https://ift.tt/RLnC0ew

In some cases, you may need to provide additional documents to complete the transfer. It’s always good to have ID ready – we accept the following documents:

Passport, National ID Card, Driving License, Residence Permit (from European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland)

Exchange Rate Rating

  1. When remittance from GBP to Alipay CNY, remit 1000GBP, arrive at 7,924.68CNY (fee: 0.99 GBP, exchange rate 7.92468), the actual rate of return is 7.924 [compared to Bank of China is 8.0359, the gap is 1.39%] [WISE is about 7,983.60] If calculated Card fee is 7.687
  2. When remittance from GBP to SWIFT USD, 1,170.22USD (fee: 9.99 GBP, exchange rate 1.17022) will be remitted, and the actual rate of return is 1.1702 [1.1811 compared to Revolut, the difference is 0.92%] If the card fee is calculated, it is 1.13523

Koala Money Exchange


It is also the official partner of Alipay Quick Collection

However, the calculator is not clearly displayed on the homepage of the official website, and its real exchange rate is disguised through the “new exchange rate”, mainly to provide services to Australian customers

Yunhui monix


It is also the official partner of Alipay Quick Collection

The export destination supports AU/US/UK/EU/HK/JP/SG

When remittance to CN, it supports Alipay, WeChat, and there are “Fast Transfer (known as fast arrival) and Advanced Transfer (known as unlimited amount and times”. Alipay WeChat exchange rate is better

When sending money to US, UK, etc., there are no options. It is estimated that it is a local bank transfer.

At the same time, a multi-currency account is also provided, but it is not clear whether the Chinese certificate can open this, please try it yourself, the official website does not seem to say no https://www.monixfin.com/sc/MoreCurrency

The prompt also says that there is 0 account opening fee and 0 monthly fee. For exchange rate issues, please refer to https://www.monixfin.com/sc/Price

The introduction mentioned:

Yunhui allows you to hold, send and receive funds in 60+ currencies, and always enjoy the best exchange rate. Users in the Yunhui global community can transfer money to each other with zero handling fees.

One-click recharge, extremely fast arrival, support 8000+ banks, 30+ e-wallets, 130,000 cash withdrawal points and other local recharge networks, more choices and more flexibility. , in addition to the local recharge network, Yunhui also supports the SWIFT international recharge network, the choice is more comprehensive.

Yunhui is the first Chinese payment company in Australia to obtain an independent financial license. It supports the opening of 60+ international currency accounts to meet more of your needs. Compared with banks, it is more convenient and faster. Global collection + multi-currency withdrawal, Monix has passed the PCI DSS security certification with the highest security level in the payment industry, and supports cross-border collection and local withdrawal.


We require you to provide the following information: including your name, nationality, country of residence, date of birth, gender, residence address, and document information. Among other things, we use your personal data to verify your identity, prevent fraud, and provide you with the Monix service.

You can provide us with any of the following documents to complete the document authentication: Australia (Australian driver’s license, passport), China (ID card, passport, Australian driver’s license), other (passport, Australian driver’s license)

There are also corporate services https://www.monixfin.com/sc/CompanyHome

Currently prompted to support Amazon, Paypal, ebay and shopify

According to the survey, there is an indescribable relationship with Omipay ( https://apps.apple.com/us/app/omipay/id1227343423 , https://www.omipay.net/Price/ )

Exchange Rate Rating

When sending 1000USD from USD [compared to Bank of China is 6805.2, WISE is about 6741.31]

To Alipay WeChat CNY, the exchange rate is 6.733, the handling fee is 26.68, and the account is 6553.36. It is estimated that the handling fee is so high when swiping the card.

For “Fast Transfer”, the exchange rate is 6.663, the handling fee is 26.75, and the account is 6484.76


UK, New Zealand, and Australia are regulated, and only these three currencies are supported.

It is also the official partner of Alipay’s quick payment collection, but I didn’t see the Chinese page.

Currency Conversion Calculator https://www.orbitremit.com/currency-converter

Remittance to China only supports Alipay, and the fee structure is very clear

Exchange Rate Rating

When transferring 1000GBP from GBP [compared to Bank of China is 8038.5, WISE is about 7,999.49]

The currency conversion is 8.00530, and the account is 8,005.30. It directly says 0Fee. It is suspected that there is the possibility of false publicity, such as special exchange rates and preferential handling fees for new users.


New York regulation only?

It is also the official partner of Alipay’s quick payment collection, but I didn’t see the Chinese page.

“Your first 3 transfers are free! Just use the code 3FREE”

Calculator https://www.worldremit.com/en/full-calculator

Remittance to China only supports Alipay, and the fee seems to be fixed at 2.99+?

When sending 1000USD from USD [compared to Bank of China is 6805.2, WISE is about 6741.31]

Estimated receipt of 6683.61 CNY

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