About the new show that I didn’t want to watch recently, so I started to make up for the old show

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About not understanding what my husband is saying

For someone who is single or dead, it’s hard to imagine having a girlfriend or life after marriage. So I never dared to get too close to these distant things. After all, I am enough in this world.

Of course there are animations to watch.

There are also games to play.

About the fact that I don’t understand what my husband is saying at all ( Dana が を 言っているかわからない incident )”, referred to as “Guan Gong Said Things”, is written by ” Kujiao believers ” (the author’s more well-known works are ” KobayashiThe Dragon Maid of the House “) is a short animation adapted from a four-frame manga published on her ” personal blog ” and ” pixiv “. It tells the humorous daily story of the “ordinary” workaholic wife “Kaoru” and her “otaku” husband “Takahashi 1 ” after their marriage. By depicting the daily life of couples, the work shows that two people who should not belong to the same world can tolerate each other, understand each other after falling in love, and work hard for the whole family.

Although this is just a “Instant Noodle Fan” with a main film of only 3 minutes after the ending song is removed, it is only 72 minutes in 24 episodes in 2 seasons, and it vividly tells a story of a person who loves work and has no interest in the two-dimensional culture at all. The wife, the husband who loves the second dimension and is unwilling to work but is very concerned about his wife and family, the pseudo-mother brother who draws BL comics under the influence of his brother… The relatives and friends of the husband and wife also surfaced one after another as the timeline progressed. The love process before marriage is interspersed in the memories of the two, and finally the story ends with Kaoru’s pregnancy.

“Home” is the soul attribute of this animation. From the very beginning, my husband revealed his inner voice “There is absolutely no way to make you happy” (like myself, who is very escapist). The male protagonist also complains about things around him through various animations, comics, and game memes all the time. The animation also spares no effort to express the contrast between the husband’s “home” and his wife’s “ordinary”.

Take a chestnut. In the first episode of the first season, the wife complained about her husband’s interest: “I don’t understand these things at all, is it interesting?” The husband heard it and replied with a serious face: “Zhenbai 3 is my wife!”. This kind of answer that seems like a bull’s head and a horse’s mouth will really happen in the life dialogue of the otaku.

Your wife is mine now.

When discussing the name of the future child with his wife, the husband said: “The man’s name is Shinji, and the woman’s name is Rei.”

The girl’s name is Keqing.

There is also a famous line in the animation that is still circulating today: “Have a good time after this.” The original text is “このあと殺茶 Kucha セックスした”, and the literal translation is “After this, it was messed up.”

Although this sentence was not first published by “Guan Gong Said Things”, it was indeed because of this animation, which was translated by the subtitle group Xindaya , that it spread in China.

“Guan Gong Talks About Things” is not a completely empty animation. Not only does the world view are the same as reality, but the work itself has a great probability of being adapted based on the comic author’s personal experience (it is said that the author suspended the publication on the grounds that his wife was pregnant). Therefore, the anxiety before marriage, the choice between hobbies and family, and the confusion when parenting can easily be replaced by themselves.

For example, my mother will urge you to find a job.

will be spawned.

While empathizing, I also feel envious of the male protagonist. Explode now

But it’s a little difficult to force yourself into the animation, because although the male protagonist is a house, he has an unexpectedly good figure, which shows that the husband usually exercises. fat house crying

Here is the stalk of "Spirit of Eating Halberd" Here is the stalk of “Spirit of Eating Halberd”

And it’s not that the male protagonist can’t work, but that he doesn’t want to work.

Probably similar to a web writer? Probably similar to a web writer?

In order to support the family and even proficient in web design, the salary is higher than that of OL’s wife, at least there is no problem in supporting the family.

front-end programmer front-end programmer

And thoughtful, in all aspects can take into account his wife’s mood. Even after worrying that his hobby will confuse his wife, he considers whether to leave the house.

Bought a motorcycle with my wife Bought a motorcycle with my wife

Therefore, the husband and wife are not unilaterally satisfying one party, but the two complement each other. In the eleventh episode of the first season of the animation, Kaoru’s dream recalled the past of her being alone, and came to the conclusion that “one cannot live alone”.

One can't live alone One can’t live alone

Well, I can’t do these things by myself.

After all, the personal ability is poor and cannot give each other happiness, and there is no such workaholic OL woman. The wedding gold is still high, and I don’t know how much it will cost to buy a house, a car, and a baby. It’s scary to think about it, or I don’t want these empty things.

Finally, please enjoy the end song of the animation magic.

The evil god and the kitchen two sick girls

Recently, I have become more and more fond of watching light-hearted and funny episodes, so I noticed “The Evil God and the Second Sick Girl”.

In fact, I first saw the following funny emoji in the group.

And this one.

I found out the source was “The Evil God and the Second Sick Girl”, and I watched the animation.

The title of the film “Evil God and the Second Sick Girl”, according to the literal translation of the Japanese ” Evil God ちゃんドロップキック“, should be “Little Evil God Flying Kick”. However, the domestic copyright owner 5 has translated it into “The Evil God and the Second Sick Girl of the Kitchen”. Probably the protagonist is indeed a “sick girl” in ordinary people’s impression of wearing a blindfold and wearing a Lolita costume. This kind of translation is indeed more selling point, because when you mention “secondary disease”, it’s hard not to think of another old work “The second disease should also fall in love”, which also has the title of “secondary disease girl”. .

So I am more confused why it is not “the second disease of middle school” but “the second disease of kitchen”.

I also wonder why it is not translated into “the beautiful girl evil god and the second sick girl”.

The main story of the animation is very simple: in a certain experiment, the female college student and witch “Garden Lily Ling” successfully summoned the little evil god “Evil God ちゃん” from the demon world, but did not let her return to the demon world. Methods. The little evil god believes that as long as the summoner dies, the contract will be automatically terminated and she can return to the demon world. In order to achieve this goal, the little evil god has always wanted to kill Lily Ling. The story revolves around what happened between the little evil god’s “assassination of Lily Ling failed and was counter-killed”.

“Assassination” is no joke. In the works, scenes such as the beheading, belly-piercing, body-burning, and tail-breaking of the little evil god appear very frequently. The scale can be described as large. Therefore, “Bloody Violence” and “Black Humor” are the most intuitive labels for the animation “The Evil God and the Second Sick Girl”.

This reminds me of another funny animation of demon theme ” Demon Asachel is calling you “, this animation is mainly unlimited (shit, piss and fart) type of funny, not too much (of course there are) Bloody scene. And almost every episode of “The Evil God and the Second Sick Girl” will make the little evil god experience the feeling of death once, although this is usually done by the little evil god himself.

The daily life of only demons and witches will not be interesting, and I don’t want the animation to just repeat the 108 tragic and tragic ways of death of the little evil god. Fortunately, the work also added some harmonious elements to make the work less boring: the incapacitated impoverished angel Pecora, the treacherous angel Bobo Long who killed his colleagues for his own desires, the kind and innocent scapegoat and ATM Medu. Sha, the big breasted demon Minos who delivers milk and makes a living by moving bricks…

Because all the characters in “Little Evil God” are beautiful girls, and the animations of such beautiful girls are generally based on the “cute elements” of the characters in the play to make funny “cute daily animations”. It will not attract the audience, and it is even more impossible to launch new animations one after another, and watching too much will cause aesthetic fatigue. (Except for the stamped XP) . “Little Evil God” takes a different approach. Beautiful girls can’t talk about shit, pee, fart and dirty jokes without limit, but they can play tricks without limit, and they can show all kinds of beauty and art. The shining point of this work is here.

In the early stage of the animation, the production team chose to integrate various stalks into the plot to achieve the effect of enriching the interestingness of the animation. In the later stage, they let go of their hands and feet directly, and use the characters’ mouths to spit out scenes of realistic elements to “break through the dimensional wall”. after all “Every ordinary day we experience may be a miracle that happens continuously” The masterpiece “Daily” is also played with flowers in the animation performance, which makes the work very interesting.

The third season is also on the air, you can save a wave of laughs at one time.

Finally, please enjoy the solo performance of the little evil god, “Jimbocho Lamentations”.

Originally I wanted to play Jingchuan, but I felt that the language was lacking, and it would be bad if I accidentally wrote it in the wrong direction.

  1. This name was spoken from the mother’s mouth in the seventh second of the tenth episode of the first season of the animation. In addition, the male protagonist was called “husband” in the animation.
  2. The detailed neta has been summarized, see ” 13 anime stalks of neta in “Guan Gong Said Things Season 1
  3. “Mashiro” here refers to the three peaks of Mashiro in “Unconfirmed Progress”.
  4. For details, please refer to Mengniang Encyclopedia: After doing a good job↩
  5. The copyright owner in mainland China is Bilibili.

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