About what to do recently and what to do next

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what are you doing now

Let’s be busy with a few more things recently.

  • It’s not a serious illness to go to the hospital repeatedly
  • Develop a networking tool o0o , which is actually a vpn , mainly for intranet penetration scenarios, and realizes most of the functions comparable to tailscale / zerotier
  • The source code of unraider is updated, but I will not release the code anymore. Occasionally, I will put a binary in telegram group, and the Buddhist system will be updated (it feels boring, and there are no leftovers left)

what to do next

  • Research how to use o0o as another source of income outside of work
  • unraider wants to find someone to maintain it, and has no desire to maintain it
  • Make money, make money, fuckin’ money


  • In the Beijing area, you can communicate offline, or you can study together how to build a home network

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