June 2023 Hot News

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Three trains collide in India, killing thousands

On the evening of June 2, a train collision occurred in Odisha state in eastern India. Three trains collided successively. Indian officials released news on the 3rd that the accident had killed 261 people. However, local Indian media announced on the 3rd that the death toll had exceeded 300 and about 900 were injured.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) commented that this was “the worst train collision in India this century”. Local officials expect the death toll to rise further.

After the accident, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the scene of the train collision in Odisha on June 3. He wrote on social media that he was saddened by the accident and would provide “all possible assistance” to those affected.

Apple releases Vision Pro

On June 6, Apple released Vision Pro, its first AR product, on WWDC 23.

AR products are not new in the technology world. Many companies have had such products before, but none of them have been recognized by the market. I don’t know whether Apple’s products will be recognized by consumers like its mobile phones and computers.

Messi leaves Europe for Inter Miami

On June 7, Messi officially announced that he would join the Major League Soccer team Miami International after finishing his two-year journey in the “Great Paris”.

Guangdong Telecom network failure

On the afternoon of June 8, a major failure occurred in Guangdong Telecom’s network, and users “disconnected from the network for 5 hours”. And so on.”

At the same time, dialing Telecom 10000 with a telecom mobile phone prompts that the network cannot be connected, the service status in the mobile phone shows that it is not in the service area, and the mobile network has been disconnected.

At 4:11 p.m. that day, China Telecom Guangdong customer service issued a statement on Weibo: “Due to network abnormalities, some mobile users are affected to answer calls. We are in the process of repairing. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thank you understanding and support.” At 19:24, the official Weibo of China Telecom Guangdong customer service announced that the affected mobile users’ voice services have been fully restored.

Silvio Berlusconi dies

On June 12, the former Prime Minister of Italy and the former chairman of AC Milan football club died in Italy. He has a huge influence in world football, creating the first generation of “Golden Dollar Football” players and creating the dynasty of AC Milan.

Argentine Football Team China Tour

On the evening of June 15th, the Argentine football team, the visiting Shinco world champion, and the Australian team held a friendly match at Beijing Workers’ Stadium.

During the game, a fan rushed into the stadium, hugged Messi and ran wildly in the stadium, causing heated discussions, and was finally taken away by security personnel.

The organizer of the Argentine team’s China trip was complained by fans for various unprofessional behaviors during the organization process.

duck neck mouse head

The Jiangxi joint investigation team reported the rat head and duck neck incident: the joint investigation team determined that the foreign object in the meal was a rat head.

After surveying the scene, the joint investigation team retrieved surveillance video and found that on June 1, students ate a foreign object suspected to be a “rat head” in the cafeteria, which was discarded by the staff of the cafeteria involved on the day of the incident. By viewing the video of the kitchen in the canteen, consulting the purchase list, asking the person in charge of the canteen involved, the parties involved in the kitchen, the students involved, and the onlookers at the scene, etc., it was determined that the foreign object was not a duck neck. According to domestic authoritative animal experts’ professional identification of the extracted on-site photos and videos taken by the students involved, it was determined that the foreign object was the head of a mouse-like rodent.

Sichuan University: Students involved in the subway incident were detained for probation by the Party

On June 21, Sichuan University officially responded to the incident in which Zhang, a 2022 graduate student of the school, posted on his personal social account the video he took of others and made inappropriate remarks that slandered the person involved, causing serious adverse social impact.

Sichuan University decided to punish Zhang by staying in school for probation.

All 5 passengers on the Titan sightseeing boat were killed

On June 22, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. deep-sea submersible that disappeared while investigating the wreck of the “Titanic” cruise ship had a “catastrophic implosion” near the wreck site, and all five crew members died.
The US Ocean Gate Exploration Company, which organized the expedition, also issued a statement on the same day confirming that the crew of the deep submersible had unfortunately died. Diving in the sea area, lost contact about 1 hour and 45 minutes after departure. Aircraft and ships from the United States, Canada and other countries have launched large-scale search and rescue operations in the North Atlantic waters in recent days. Local officials said at a press conference that the seabed environment is extremely harsh and complex. Search and rescue personnel used remote-controlled detectors to find five broken parts of the deep submersible on the seabed not far from the wreckage of the “Titanic”. Signs of a catastrophic explosion coincided.

Wagner Armed “Mutiny”

On June 24, the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary group, suddenly turned its guns and marched towards Moscow. Afterwards, Putin made a televised speech on the behavior of the Wagner Group, calling it “treason.” After a period of tugging, Wagner gave up attacking Moscow, and Russia announced the cancellation of criminal charges against Wagner leader Prigozin, but he still “exiled” to Belarus.

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