Activity Preview | The extensive era is gone, how can Internet companies break through traffic involution?

In the past 2021, traffic has peaked, growth has slowed, and regulations have tightened. The platform economy has shifted gears and entered a mature stage of development. At the same time, in the era of traffic involution under the epidemic, traffic costs are also rising.

The era of extensive traffic growth is gradually passing away, and refined operations have become the consensus and trend of industry development. With the continuous development of the consumer market and the continuous segmentation of user groups, users’ decision-making paths have become more random and complex.

How to improve the existing personnel efficiency and reduce operating costs? How to better connect public and private domains to further improve the effect of the whole chain? How to drive more conversions?

Digitalization will become a key tool for companies to gain insight into the consumer market, understand user needs, and accurately reach users. Furthermore, digitalization will empower traditional industries, deeply integrate the Internet with the real economy, and shift the future growth space of Internet companies to more solid value creation.

Event preview: Big coffee gathers together, breaks the game, and see what new ways of playing new technology bring to the Internet?

Under the normalization of the epidemic, what is the new development direction of traffic + technology? What are the new ways of increasing traffic in the Internet industry? From the realization of the traffic in the past to the current traffic operation, where is the next opportunity for Internet companies?

In May, Ant Group Digital Technology and its partners made great efforts to create a series of online seminars on industrial digitalization, including 9 major industries such as data element market, metaverse, logistics, etc., 9 hot topics, nearly 50 guests discussed on the same stage, focusing on technology To the real.

On June 14, the Industrial Digitalization Online Seminar “Pan-Internet Special” – “How New Technology Brings New Efficiency to Traffic?” will kick off.

The event was initiated by Ant Group Digital Technology in conjunction with Shanghai Internet Society and BP business partners, and invited industry experts and industry representatives to discuss the new efficiency brought by technology + traffic.

The following is the core agenda and key guests of this webinar:

Opening speech:

—— Jiang Guo, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Internet Society

——Guo Xiujuan, founder and president of BP Business Partners

Keynote speech: “The “Learning” Road of New Traffic Operation”

——Jia Zhen, Head of East China FMCG Industry, Xiaohongshu Brand Customer Business Department

Keynote speech: “New technology brings new gameplay in the Internet era”

——Huang Jia, Director of Digital Technology Solutions, Ant Group

Dialogue: Discussion on the New Traffic Model of Internet Enterprises

——Yu Xiaomin, head of pre-sales of Beijing Zhongdun Anxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. and head of Xiamen Zhongdun Anxin Application R&D

—— logistics security risk strategy expert Jiang Wubo

—— Guo Wenliang, General Manager of Ant Group’s Digital Technology Internet Industry


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