Xiuxiu recalled that a few years ago, when she quit her job and started her own business, a friend who was very close to her mother said bitterly, “You better tell Xiuxiu to wake up and go to work in the company.”

After hearing this non-caring advice, Xiuxiu was in a bad mood, but she decided to seriously self-examine first.

One, is she malaise?

No, at that time, her head was the clearest in the past few years. It’s just that she didn’t go to work in the company, and she was responsible for her own livelihood, and she lived her life more carefully than ever.

Second, does she have any reason to do what she says?

This, unfortunately, that mother’s friend is not a role model for Xiuxiu. Xiuxiu has no intention of following his life, and has never asked the other party’s opinion.

Many people are too quick to criticize people whose lifestyles are different from their own. Sometimes, even people who are unhappy will apply their own life to others, and what is even more surprising than this is that we are easily hurt and shaken by such words.

Although we can look back on life and improve ourselves through the advice of others, the advice is just an opinion, not the so-called truth, so we need reasonable doubt and verification.

If advice is all about generalizations, unfounded, and without loving intervention, as long as you can take responsibility for your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re not shaken.

The same goes for the hundreds of pieces of advice received on the way to investing.

There is no need to cede the referee position to someone who has no authority or authority over your life.

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