After all, Qianshan Quncui could not survive the fire in August, and BYD’s new energy vehicles ignited spontaneously. Some issues need to be clarified, and some situations need to be understood.

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On August 16, 2022, a high-end model “Qianshan Cui” of a certain brand in Langzhong City, Sichuan Province spontaneously ignited. The owner of the car released a video saying that the car had just driven out of the garage without exposure to the sun or any collision. Spontaneous combustion, see also spontaneous combustion, as a consumer with ten years of experience in the operation of new energy vehicles, it is necessary and responsible to clarify some issues. These issues may be very acute, but they are also issues that the majority of new energy vehicle consumers cannot avoid. Will lithium iron phosphate batteries spontaneously ignite? Yes, of course. There is no doubt that lithium iron phosphate batteries are also batteries. As long as they are batteries, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion. Most OEMs talk about lithium iron phosphate, for example: long cycle life, good high temperature performance, large capacity, high safety, etc. Many new energy vehicles on the market are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries by default. The calibers are all very consistent: because it’s safer. In fact? Not for safety, or to be more precise, not just…

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