After half a year of fitness, let me talk about my experience

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I have been going to the gym for almost half a year. Today I plan to share my personal experience. If you are considering or planning to consider going to the gym in the future, I hope this article can help you.

Choice of gym

I have always wanted to get a fitness card before, and I have also visited some gyms. They generally recommend an annual card, or a monthly card, but it is more expensive, usually more than 300 per month. This has always made me hesitant. I want to apply for an annual card. Since I have no experience, I am worried that many friends around me will be the same after applying for an annual card.

I forgot that by coincidence, I learned about Lexue Gym, which can be said to be an excellent haircut in the barbering industry. It feels like a gym with Internet thinking. Their characteristics:

  • A few dollars on Dianping can buy a one-week experience card.
  • The entry threshold is low. There is an Alipay Sesame Credit authorized membership function. If you renew the fee for three consecutive months, it will only cost more than 200 per month on average. Lose more than 300.
  • There are many franchise stores, most of which can be used seamlessly, scan the code to enter the store.
  • There are no annoying coaches who keep selling next to them. I hate this kind of thing. It’s just as annoying as the barber shop always asking you to get a membership card.
  • The 24-hour unmanned store is suitable for people like me who have plenty of time in the morning. You rarely even see the store manager.

Of course there are also some disadvantages:

  • relatively little machinery
  • The store is not too big
  • Not even a shower, only a changing room
  • There are few free group classes, and it depends on grabbing (queuing)

First of all, I think the gym must be close to your home, this is the first priority, and then see if the other ones meet your needs.

After I used the gym for the first week, the store manager called me and asked me how satisfied I was? My answer at the time was unsatisfactory because I felt that there were too few instruments. But after comparing other gyms, I finally chose the class, the main reasons are:

  • It is relatively close to my house, and it takes 3 minutes to drive by electric car.
  • The price is cheap. I now pay monthly or quarterly. They often engage in activities. The annual or quarterly payment averages about 200 per month.
  • There are few equipments, but they are basically enough, and I can go to other stores far away to practice on weekends.

As the first gym for young people, I highly recommend LeClass gym. When you’re sure you can develop a fitness habit, you can go to other gyms.

Coach please?

It is recommended for friends who have just started fitness. If you can hire a coach, it is best to do so. As far as I know, the average amount of personal training is between 200-300 per session. Each session is about 1 hour, and the coach can help you correct your movements. , Pointing at the power point of the action, Le Class Fitness is a free private teaching experience class. If you ask for a private tutor, usually 20 lessons are enough, too many are useless.

But I personally didn’t ask for a private tutor. I didn’t even use a private tutoring experience class. I was a bit socially afraid and didn’t like the coach watching me all the time. I felt it was embarrassing. I prefer to practice alone.

Create a fitness plan

First determine whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle. It is difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I mainly relied on the app to help me formulate it. It is a permanent member of 88 yuan, which is worth it. In addition to making training plans, it can record body data (arms, thighs, etc.), which I think is also a very useful feature that can help you understand your fitness achievements.

If you don’t have a personal training, you should pay special attention to your standard of movement. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. It wasn’t until recently that my left shoulder started to hurt a little, and I realized that my movements were not standard and my shoulder was under pressure. Check out more instructional videos on YouTube, lots of free exercise instruction videos.

build muscle

The main purpose of my going to the gym is to gain muscle. I am only 172 cm tall and weigh 62 KG all year round, and I will never gain weight, so I want to gain muscle. I bought dumbbells and practiced at home before, but the effect was not very good. I only had dumbbells and no other equipment at home, and the movements that I could do were limited.

The first month I went to the gym, I remember very clearly. When I first started working out, I was very hungry every day. At that time, I bought some instant chicken breasts and ate when I was hungry. Then I gained weight in the first month and my muscles grew obviously, but after that it grew very slowly. Diet is also normal.

lose fat

It’s easy to gain muscle, just lift iron, but I find it really difficult to lose fat. In addition to continuous aerobic exercise, the most important thing is to control your mouth, quit sugar, reduce salt and oil, it’s very difficult.


protein powder

I drink a spoonful of it every day I work out. For the poor, protein powder is the most cost-effective supplement.

Frequency of fitness

When I first started exercising, I thought to myself, 3 times a week, 1 hour each time, that’s fine. But then I heard my brother (he was also dragged by me to exercise) that he basically went every night, I thought I could do it too, and then found my own rhythm, I now wake up early every morning, and then Can go to practice for an hour only to go to work. Slowly getting into the habit, I now basically go 6 times a week.

fitness time

It depends on the specific situation, but as far as I know, there are few people in the morning and many people in the evening. I don’t like many people. If there are many people, you have to wait in line for equipment. It’s very annoying. always occupied.

at last

Fitness is mainly to have a strong physique, make yourself healthier and more confident.

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