After trying a variety of Synology’s self-built private cloud note-taking software

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Recently, I started tossing around again. I used to see bloggers talking about “note-taking software” in the blog group. At that time, because I didn’t officially go to work, I didn’t usually need to take notes. After I officially went to work in July , Since work is a coordinated work, there are more times when I can take notes at work; I don’t know if it’s because of my age, and now I always like to forget things, so good memory is not as bad as writing! Or resolutely choose note-taking software.

Since there are very few places to take notes in daily life, once again, Synology’s own “Note Station” suite was used to complete multi-terminal synchronization notes. However, because the DSM version belongs to the old version of 6.1, Note Station always has some bugs , For example, it is often encountered that after the editing on the mobile terminal DS Note is completed and the synchronization is completed, the font size is easy to be inconsistent, there are extra spaces, and the format is inconsistent, which makes the obsessive-compulsive disorder unacceptable. I can’t wait to upgrade to the DSM7.0 system. can solve the problem.

However, I don’t dare to risk a bad hard drive and data loss to mess around, after all, it is Hei Qunhui.

NO.1 Siyuan Notes

The first attempt was to build the Docker server image of Siyuan Notes, but it was not successfully built through the tutorial of Aunt Zhang. Why do you say that? Because of the update of the new version of Siyuan Notes, the official has closed the function of multi-terminal synchronization ; after construction, the mobile APP cannot be used for synchronization. In fact, it can only meet the usage scenarios of the web page, which is a completely offline note; but according to many netizens In fact, if you don’t mind using the web page to take notes, the completely open source Siyuan Notes is very suitable for code writing parties in terms of operation interface and functionality.

Official Website Getting Started Tutorial Docker Image

NO.2 Knowing Notes

Weizhinote may be the most preferred private cloud note-taking software by netizens, because it is not only completely open source, but also has a complete multi-terminal APP. Android APP, Apple IOS, Windows, Mac, etc. all have clients that can be downloaded and used freely, and through The test perfectly supports multi-terminal data synchronization; and recently, the official also launched a refactored version of the new client, the interface is the most beautiful I have encountered; but if Docker is deployed in a private cloud, the pictures of the web version are lost , which is a bit awkward. After a 2-day trial, in addition to the limitation of supporting a maximum of 5 members, there is a VIP function that must be used for favorite functions such as WeChat and mail, and the search does not support global search , which has hit many people’s pain points.

Because tables are often used to record data, the table function of Weizhi Notes is not good. The specific performance is: the Windows client and the web page have a good view of the full-screen editing table, but the synchronized mobile phone cannot adapt to the page , which is called a uncomfortable.

If it is just a simple written record, I personally recommend it as Zhijian .

Official website installation instructionsDocker image

NO.3 Ant Notes

Because Ant Note needs to use the mongo container to cooperate with the construction, I don’t know which link has a problem during the construction process, and the Docker container cannot be started normally. Fortunately, I did not continue to toss in the next step. Judging from the experience of Aunt Zhang and some bloggers, a commercialized note-taking software is not much better, right? Friends who have stepped on the pit are welcome to talk about it. But seeing that the screenshots posted by netizens are not bad, they actually support blog synchronization? Is there a note-taking software that is very close to Apple’s mobile phone? WeizhiNote also supports uploading and synchronization of various blog platforms, and it is also very good to try it.

After tossing here, except for the 2-day trial of Zhijing Note, the others were not able to get in, and I was persuaded to quit before it started; as for Joplin, the note-taking software, I was shocked by its appearance, so I didn’t try it again. . Since the favorite note table function is not good, it is better to use the Note Station suite that comes with Synology to record text!

ps: Since there is no interception of the material, the pictures in the blog post are all online pictures, and I didn’t expect to write so many words. Thank you to every friend who read the blog post carefully!

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