Aike shares: plans to purchase 80% equity of Yongchuang Xiangyi for no more than 260 million yuan

Yongchuang Xiangyi is a manufacturer of special adhesive tapes. The company focuses on the development of special tapes such as battery tapes, protective films, termination tapes, tear-off tapes, and high-temperature tapes. An independent research and development center for adhesive tapes has been established, including research and development laboratories, constant temperature and humidity testing rooms, high and low temperature performance testing rooms and various advanced equipment; One-stop production capacity of slitting, slitting processing, product testing, including dust-free workshop and clean workshop. Committed to the design and study of China’s special adhesive tape products, providing solutions for special adhesive tapes for the electronics, battery, and optoelectronic industries. Recently, it was acquired by Aike shares for 260 million yuan, with a post-investment valuation of 325 million yuan, accounting for 80%.

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