Air purification robot industry standards are introduced Ecovacs leads the industry’s innovative development direction

On October 1, 2022, the first air purification robot industry standard – “Household and Similar Air Purification Robots” standard (hereinafter referred to as the “Standard”) was officially implemented. It is reported that the “Standard” was jointly formulated by China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd., Suzhou Lvchuang Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. and Zhongjiayuan (Beijing) Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. The implementation of the “Standard” will help promote the standardization of the air purification robot industry and lead the healthy development of the market.

Ecovacs opens up a new track for air purification robots, and industry standards guide the healthy development of the industry

As a leading brand in the service robot industry, Ecovacs has combined leading robot technology with air purification technology innovation to create Qinbao, the world’s first air purification robot, and then launched Qinbao AVA, ANDY, Z1 and AVA PRO, etc. A variety of mobile air purification robots continue to break through the limitations of traditional air purifiers and open up a “robot track” in the air purification industry.

The new track means more possibilities for the development of the industry, but there is also the risk of causing disorderly competition; as a new category, the mobile technical requirements and mobile purification efficiency judgment methods involved in air purification robots lack unified and standardized standards, and consumers lack judgment. The basis for the quality of products, there is an urgent need for relevant industry standards to supervise and guide.

China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Ecovacs and other companies jointly formulated the first industry “standard”, taking into account the quantitative assessment indicators and test evaluation methods of air purification robot products, which are milestones for the innovative iteration and standardized development of this emerging category. Meaning, provides the necessary basis for the development of the air purification robot industry.

Mobile purification breaks the industry growth dilemma, and new products of Ecovacs lead the direction of industry innovation

With the orderly advancement of domestic air governance, air quality has been significantly improved, but seasonal smog and extreme weather under global climate change are still threatening the breathing health of residents. At the same time, in addition to inhalable particulate matter, indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and allergens are also attracting more and more attention. Among them, the health risks brought by formaldehyde are particularly serious. May bring potential formaldehyde hidden dangers.

Contaminants such as formaldehyde are dispersed throughout the indoor space, while traditional air purifiers are generally placed in a fixed location, covering limited space and unable to meet the purification needs of the whole house, requiring manual handling or purchasing multiple air purifiers appliances, resulting in excessive space occupation and additional household expenses.

Innovation starts with a deep insight into the changing trends of user needs. In order to solve the pain points of traditional air purification products and meet the needs of consumers, Ecovacs has entered the air purification market with the innovative category of “mobile air purification robots”, and used “mobile purification” to overcome the needs and pain points of home air purification. In September this year, Ecovacs launched the newly upgraded air purification robot AIRBOT AVA PRO. Its mobility and purification efficiency exceeded the requirements of industry standards. At the same time, it upgraded the new formaldehyde removal formula Carbon Bombs and added formaldehyde digital display function, which fully meets the requirements of the industry. The user’s indoor aldehyde removal needs give users the peace of mind they can see.


The new formula uses modified coconut shell activated carbon and super activated carbon as carriers for precise adsorption. In addition, amino acid removal crystals accelerate the decomposition, and the aldehyde removal performance is improved by 50% compared with the previous generation. The national standard stipulates that the indoor formaldehyde concentration safety standard is 0.1mg/m³. AVA PRO can purify the formaldehyde concentration to 0.01mg/m³, which is about 10 times better than the national standard. The newly added formaldehyde digital display of the host can accurately display the formaldehyde value in the air without external interference, and the formaldehyde removal effect is clear at a glance.

The aldehyde removal test is carried out according to the indoor safety standards stipulated by the national standard. The fixed aldehyde removal takes 60 minutes, while the mobile aldehyde removal of Qinbao takes only 30 minutes, and the purification rate is twice that of the fixed type. As the first product after the introduction of the standard, Ecovacs Qinbao AVA PRO can efficiently purify the whole house from the two dimensions of effect and efficiency, and accelerate the removal of aldehydes. It has been promoted to a new choice to protect the respiratory health of modern families.

As a leader in the service robot industry, Ecovacs adheres to the brand mission of “Let Robots Serve Everyone”, always with solid technical strength and innovative power, continues to make efforts in renewing users’ air purification experience, leading the entire industry to high-quality Efficient development to promote industry symbiosis and common prosperity. Taking the opportunity of participating in the formulation of the “Standard”, Ecovacs will continue to cooperate deeply with the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute to promote the standardized development of the air purification robot industry and bring consumers a higher quality air purification experience. The establishment of the “Standard” also provides an exact guarantee for China’s air purification robot industry to take the lead in the global market.

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