AirTag helps arrest airport worker who stole luggage

Apple’s Bluetooth tracking device AirTag has led to the arrest of an airport contractor . Giovanni De Luca, 19, was charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of passenger belongings. One traveler reported last month that her luggage, which contained about $1,600 worth of items, did not reach her destination. There was an AirTag in the luggage, and location tracking showed it was currently at Kathy Court, Mary Esther, 50 miles east of Pensacola. Another traveler reported the theft of more than $15,000 worth of jewelry and other items in the suitcase on Aug. 9. Police cross-referenced airport employees living near Kathy Court and searched De Luca’s home to find stolen items. He was arrested on 10 August. De Luca admitted to taking an AirTag.

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