Aisida completes a new round of financing of 300 million yuan

Aisida focuses on the R&D, design and production of lightweight structural mechanisms, functional mechanisms and new materials, and is committed to becoming an innovative leader in lightweight structural mechanisms and functional mechanism products in the aerospace field. The company provides partners with advanced technology, reliable quality and cost-optimized composite material structure design, R&D and production services, and is positioned as a multi-industry composite material and its structural parts supplier and professional support service platform. Recently announced the completion of a new round of financing of nearly 300 million yuan. This round of financing is aimed at enabling well-known investment institutions in key fields such as high-end intelligent manufacturing and commercial aerospace, as well as local industry guidance funds. The financing was led by Zhongxin Sunac, and funds such as Tianchuang Capital, Zhongli Fund, and Xingyong Capital participated in the investment. This round of financing will continue to be used for the in-depth research and development of cutting-edge new material projects, as well as the in-depth construction of the intelligent manufacturing production line at the Aisida headquarters base, a major application scenario project.

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