Ali Daishan: It is difficult to take over Taobao, but customers have given a lot of direction and strength


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On August 24, at the 2022 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference of the Maker Festival, Dai Shan, president of Alibaba Group’s domestic digital business sector, said that since 2003, the secret of Taobao’s development lies in the service culture, adherence to the original intention, and maintain an optimistic spirit.

Dai Shan shared several cultures that Taobao has maintained since its inception: first, the inverted culture, looking at the world from a different angle, Taobao has always encouraged innovation; second, the martial arts culture, when the road is injustice, it will draw a knife to help, Taobao hopes to build a platform for each other to see; third, small The second culture, Taobao hopes to be an old store serving millions of consumers, and the service spirit is reflected in every Taobao person; the fourth is the smile culture, maintaining optimism in the ups and downs of the epidemic.

Dai Shan said that entrepreneurs need to be driven by dreams, but also user-oriented, and know who to serve and what value to create. At the same time, entrepreneurs must be optimistic and firm, insist on believing, and persevere.

At the beginning of 2022, Dai Shan officially served as the president in charge of Ali’s domestic digital business sector, responsible for Da Taobao and other businesses. At the meeting, Dai Shan said frankly, “It is very difficult to take over Taobao, so what should I do? Customers have given a lot of direction and strength. I see a lot of beauty, expectations and creativity in them, as well as their understanding of the new era. “Dashan said, Taobao will continue to be a platform for young entrepreneurs, and be a companion and supporter for small and medium-sized enterprises to realize their dreams. (Xu Yuanlei)

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