Ali joined the low-carbon patent sharing organization LCPP, and opened 9 carbon reduction invention patents

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 Titanium Media APP reported on April 23 that on April 22, Earth Day, Alibaba announced its participation in the LCPP (Low Carbon Patent Pledge). This time Alibaba joined LCPP and shared 9 data center-related invention patents, mainly involving liquid-cooled server system design, disk power consumption management, data center modular design, and computing engine resource scheduling, among which 5 are related to liquid-cooling technology . At that time, Alibaba will open 9 data center low-carbon invention patents to domestic and foreign companies, in order to promote the global application of carbon reduction technology in the data center industry and promote green technology innovation.  It is understood that the LCPP was established on Earth Day on April 22, 2021. It was initiated by Microsoft, Facebook (now Meta), and HP. It is the world's most important organization for sharing low-carbon patents in open data centers. In addition to Alibaba, there are also companies such as UPS and Ant Group in the third batch of expansion.

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