Alibaba Cloud Huang Haiqing: Deeply cultivating core technologies and actively participating in the construction of Beijing’s digital economy

From July 28th to 30th, the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Internet Information Office, and the China Association for Science and Technology was held in Beijing. . Huang Haiqing, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence China, attended the first National Enterprise Digital Transformation Summit and delivered a speech.


“Alibaba is a participant, practitioner and beneficiary of digital innovation.” Huang Haiqing said that the future of the digital economy is promising. As a technology company in China, Alibaba Cloud is deeply cultivating core technologies and hopes to participate in the digital transformation of all walks of life. share the experience with the industry.

It is understood that Alibaba Cloud has served more than 4 million paying customers around the world, including 26 ministries and commissions, 80% of technology companies, 60% of A-share listed companies, and 65% of national-level specialized and special new “little giant” companies.

Huang Haiqing introduced that in order to better participate in the development of the digital economy, Alibaba Cloud has carried out deep cultivation in many core technical fields such as operating systems and chips, and has successively released the only self-developed Feitian Cloud operating system in China, and has defined the next-generation cloud computing architecture. The cloud infrastructure processor – CIPU and other heavy innovative core technologies.

“CIPU and Feitian Cloud operating system together constitute Alibaba Cloud’s new software and hardware integrated computing architecture, which promotes cloud computing from the previous CPU-centric to a new CIPU-centric architecture.” Huang Haiqing said, CIPU The release of the chip gives China’s voice and dominance in the layout of future chips.

Beijing is accelerating the construction of a global digital economy benchmark city, and Alibaba Cloud is also actively participating in it. During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Alibaba Cloud used China’s cloud computing technology to ensure the stable and safe operation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Huang Haiqing said that Alibaba Cloud actively participates in the construction of Beijing’s digital economy, attaches great importance to the layout of cloud computing availability zones in Beijing, and has been deeply involved in the construction of several municipal and district-level digital government projects in Beijing, as well as enterprise digital transformation projects. “Alibaba Cloud hopes to continue to take root in Beijing in the future to better serve customers and partners.”

It is reported that in 2016, Alibaba officially launched the “Beijing + Hangzhou” dual center and dual headquarters strategy. Up to now, Alibaba’s main core businesses have all landed in Beijing, covering technology, e-commerce, entertainment, health, logistics, new consumption and other fields.

At this global digital economy conference, Alibaba Cloud also focused on displaying core self-developed cloud product technologies and solutions, as well as typical cases of serving the digitalization of the whole society, including: Feitian cloud operating system, cloud data center processor CIPU, Shenlong Computing, Pangu storage, cloud native database PolarDB, industrial intelligence OpenTrek, city brain, smart transportation solutions, etc. These advanced cloud products, cloud technologies and industrial intelligence solutions have attracted many professional exhibitors and customers.

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