American Gothic

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Today, we present an absolutely classic piece of American art. American Gothic is undoubtedly one of the most famous (and most often parodied) paintings in the world. It depicts a farmer standing next to his daughter (often mistaken for his wife). Artist Grant Wood was inspired by a house in Eldon, Iowa (which still exists!), and “[he] liked the kind of people who should live in that house.” The name of the painting is right Wordplay in house building style, carpenter gothic.

So, the artist creates everything. The figures were modeled by Wood’s sister, Nan Wood Graham, and their dentist, Dr. Byron McKibbee. The women wore colonial-style printed aprons reminiscent of 20th-century rural America, while the men wore coveralls with a blazer and a pitchfork in hand. The plants on the porch of the house are saxifrage and begonia, which also appear in other of Wood’s paintings.

At first, the painting was criticized (like many of the now super famous and important paintings), but then American Gothic was seen as a depiction of the staunch American avant-garde spirit.

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PS Remember when we mentioned that American Gothic was one of the most spoofed works in the world? Here we have SNL’s take on “American Gothic” ; it’s hilarious!

74cm x 62cm

American Modernism

Art Institute of Chicago

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