Ancient Chinese History and Characters – Qin Shi Huang Note 5

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The second lineage <br /> traveled from Zhidao to Xianyang for mourning. Prince Hu Hai took the throne and became the emperor of the world. In September, the first emperor was buried in Mount Li.

Second World Day: “If the late emperor’s harem did not have children, it would be inappropriate to leave.” Now that the burial has been placed, it may be said that the craftsman is a machine, and Zang is all aware of it, and the weight of Zang will be released. After the major event is over, Zang has been closed, Zhongxian has been closed, and the door of foreign beauty has been closed. There are no artisans who have made a comeback. The first year of Emperor II, the year twenty. Zhao Gao was the commander in chief and appointed him.

Rule the world by killing.

To kill Zhenwei <br />So the second emperor followed the decree of Zhao Gaoshen. Nai Yin and Zhao Gao asked Ri: “The ministers are not satisfied, the officials are still strong, and the princes will fight with me. What can I do?” It is impossible. At present, instead of studying literature, it is determined by force. May Your Majesty follow the time without doubt, that is, the ministers are not in time. The second day: “Good”, which is to punish the ministers and the princes.

Hutian innocent <br />Young Master General Ge Kun and the three brothers, because they are in the inner palace, discuss their crimes and become independent queens. The envoy of the second generation ordered Jianggeri: “Young master is not a minister, the crime deserves death, and the law will be brought to you.” Jiangluri: “I have never dared not to obey the guests of the court of the court. When I was ordered to deal with it, I never dared to fail. .” The three of them were all shedding tears, and they committed suicide by drawing their swords. The imperial clan feared that those who remonstrated with beans thought it was slander, and the officials held the emolument to accept the situation, and the head of Guizhou was frightened.

Is there really no sin?

Shandong Duodan<br />In April, the second generation returned to Xianyang: “The first emperor was a small court in Xianyang, so he set up the Epang Palace. Before the palace was completed, the meeting collapsed, the author was removed, and Lishan was restored. Lishan was a big thing. Finished. Now that the Epang Palace is released, it is also the case of Emperor Zhang Xiandi.” It was rebuilt as the Epang Palace, and the four barbarians were treated like the first emperor’s plan. •• The usage is getting more and more profound. In the seventh month, Chen Sheng and others rebelled against the old Jingdi, and became Zhang Chu, and Sheng self-established himself as the king of Chu. … The county and county youths, and the bitter Qin officials, all killed their guards and commanders in order to respond to Chen She. Xiang Li is a prince and a prince, and he joins forces with Xixiang, and his name is “Fighting Qin”.

If you hear it, you will be angry .<br />The audience will come from the east, and those who will hear it will hear the second world. The second generation is angry, the official. After the messenger arrived, he asked him, and said to the sun, “The group of thieves, the governor of the prefecture is arresting them, and I have everything now, but I don’t have enough love.” Shang Yue. Wuchen made himself the king of Zhao, Wei Jiu was the king of Wei, and Tian Xiu was the king of Qi. The Duke of Pei raised Pei, and Xiang Liang raised his troops in Kuaiji County.

In the winter of the second year, Chen She sent Zhou Zhang and others to the west to Xixi with hundreds of thousands of troops. The second generation was greatly alarmed, and asked the ministers to seek the sun: “What can I do?” Zhang Han said, “The robbers have already reached the peak of the crowd, and now it is too late to reach the nearby county. There are many disciples in Lishan, please save them, and send troops to attack them. “The second generation was amnesty to the world, and ordered Zhang Han to defeat Zhou Zhang’s army and leave, and then killed Zhang Caoyang. Second Shiyi dispatched the chief Shi Sima Xin and Dong Yi to assist Zhang Han to attack the thieves. Kill Chen Shengcheng’s father, destroy Xiangliang Dingtao, and destroy Wei blame Linji. The famous thief in Chu was dead, and Zhang Han was crossing the river north to attack the king of Zhao, who was equal to Julu.


Most of the children of rich families are easy in good times, but difficult in adversity.

Most of the poor children are easy in adversity, but difficult in good times.

The generals remonstrated with each other <br />Zhao Gao said to the second generation: “The first emperor has ruled the world for a long time, so the ministers dare not say anything that is not evil. Today, His Majesty is rich in the Spring and Autumn Period and ascended the throne at the beginning of the year. It’s a mistake, and it shows that the ministers are short. The Son of Heaven calls me, but I don’t hear the sound.” So the second generation lived in the ban, and decided everything with Gao.

There are more thieves, and Guan Zhongfa has no more to attack the thieves. The right prime minister Quji, the left prime minister Si, and the general Feng Jie Jin admonished the day: “…There are many robbers, and they all use Wu Cao Zhuan to work hard and pay a lot of taxes. Please stop the author of the Epang Palace and save money on the four sides of the garrison.”

A good teacher should say what is good for the student, not what the student likes to hear.

The second sentence of the Five Punishments <br />Second World said: “… Anyone who does what he does is precious to the world, he has to be reckless and wantonly , the master clearly understands the law, and he does not dare to do anything wrong, so as to control the sea. . . . It has been decided that the four barbarians will be invaded in order to compete on the side, and the palace will be made to be proud of it, and you will see that the deeds of the late emperor are in order. Now the couple has been in the throne for two years, and a group of thieves are rising together, and you can’t stop it . This is why you can’t repay the previous emperor, and if you don’t do your best for me, why are you on the throne? ” Go down to Ji, Si, and Jie Li, and accused him of the crime. Quji and Jieri: “The general will not disgrace.” Suicide, Si Zu was sentenced to five sentences.

After three years of meritorious deeds , Zhang Han and others encircled Julu. Xiang Yu, the general of Chu, sent the soldiers of Chu to rescue Julu.

In winter, Zhao Gao was the prime minister, and Li Si killed him. Xia, Zhang Han and other battles were lost. The second generation sent people to let Hand, Hand fear, and sent the chief Shi Xin to ask for affairs. Zhao Gao did not see it, but did not believe it. Fear, die. Gao makes people chase, not enough. Glad to see Han Ri: “Zhao Gao is in the middle, and the general will be executed if he has merit, and he will be executed if he has no merit.” Xiang Yu attacked the Thai army and captured Wang Li.

Refers to the deer as a horse <br />August Jihai, Zhao Gao wanted to cause chaos, fearing that the ministers would not listen, so he set up a test first, holding the deer and offering it to the Second World Day: “The horse is also.” The world laughs: “The prime minister is wrong? It’s a horse.” Asking left and right, left and right either silently, or talking about horses, with Asshun Zhaogao. Or those who speak of deer, those who speak of deer in the yin of high cause use the law. Afterwards, all the ministers were afraid of heights.

Gao Qian said that Guandong thieves can’t do anything. And Xiang Yu’s captive Qin general Wang Li and other giant deer descended forward, but Zhang Han and other troops were numerous, and they sent a letter to ask for help. Yan, Zhao, Qi, Chu, Han, and Wei all established themselves as kings. From the east of Guan, the Qin officials responded to the princes on the banks of the Da Shi, and the princes Xian led their various western villages. Pei Gong has tens of thousands of people, and has slaughtered Wuguan, making people selfish. Gao was afraid that the second world would be angry, and he would kill him, but he would not see him in court because of his illness.

Strategies are not about new or old, but about usefulness.

Deceived as a great thief <br />Second generation… The envoy accused Gao Yi of robbery, and Gao was afraid, but Yin, his son-in-law Xianyang Lingjianle, and his younger brother Zhao Chengmou said: “The superior does not listen to the advice, the matter is urgent, and I want to return. It’s a disaster for my sect. I want to change it to the top and set up a son and a baby. The son and baby are benevolent and frugal, and the people will all carry their words.” Set high house. He dispatched music and officers and soldiers over a thousand people to the gate of Wangyi Palace.

Bound guard ordered Pu She to say, “Why don’t the thieves enter here?” Wei Jin said to himself, “Zhou Lu is very careful to set up soldiers, so that the thieves dare to enter the palace?” When the eunuchs were shocked, they either walked or walked, and those who did die even died. Dozens of people died.

Why can’t the leaders of all dynasties be “close to the worthy ministers, far from the villains?” Because the villains will obey their hearts. But the villain will fight back.

The Second World Suicide <br />The Second World was angrily called to the left and right, and both left and right were disturbed and did not fight. There was one person with treasure beside him, and the waiter did not dare to go. The Second World’s Entry Into The Day: Why didn’t you sue me? and so on. “The day of the declaration: “The minister dare not speak, so he is safe. The messenger’s words have all been executed, and it is safe to this day?”

Yan Leqian was a few days before the second generation: “The single step is arrogant, and the execution is without the way.

The second generation said: “Can the prime minister be seen at the villa?” Le Ri: “No.” The second generation said: “I would like to have a county as king.” Fu Xu. He also said, “I would like to be the lord of ten thousand households.” Fu Xu. Said: “I would like to be the leader of Qian with my wife, and compare with the sons.” In the happy day: “The minister was ordered to be the prime minister to punish the whole world. Although the foot speaks a lot, the minister does not dare to retaliate.”

Ziying killed Gao <br />Yan Le returned to report Zhao Gao, and Zhao Gao called all the ministers and sons to report that he had executed the second emperor. Day: “In the old kingdom of Qin, the first emperor ruled the world, so he was called the emperor. Now that the six kingdoms have regained their independence, and the Qin land has become smaller, it is not appropriate to be the king with an empty name.” King of Qin. He was buried in the Yichun Garden of the Second Dunan with the head of Guizhou.

Why did the second life end so tragically: only good times, no experience of adversity.

He ordered Ziyingzhai to receive the king’s seal when he was seen in the temple. On the fifth day of fasting, Ziying and his two sons conspired and said: “The prime minister killed the second world Wangyi Palace, fearing that the ministers would kill him, so he set me up with justice. I heard that Zhao Gao was in a contract with Chu, destroying the Qin clan and Wangguanzhong. Now let me go to see the temple, and I want to kill me because of the temple. I say that the disease will not work, the prime minister will come by himself, and he will be killed when he comes. ” From the past, Gao Guo said, “The ancestral temple is an important matter, why can’t Wang Nai do it?”

Why did the Qin state end like this: Qin gained the world with his deceit (deception) power (killing), and finally lost the world because of his deceitful power.

Why was Ziying able to deceive Zhao Gao? Zhao Gao’s credit record is too bad.

Faith is the foundation of life

Qin was destroyed <br />On the forty-sixth day when Ziying became King of Qin, the Chu general Pei Gong broke the Qin army into Wuguan, and became the hegemon. Make a man give birth to a baby. Ziying tied his neck to a group, a white horse and a chariot, with the emperor’s seal talisman, beside the descending road. Pei Gong then entered Xianyang, sealed the palace and treasury, and returned to the army. After the rest of the month, the soldiers of the lords arrived, Xiang Ji was the elder, and the lords of Qin wanted to kill their sons, so they slaughtered Xianyang, burned their palaces, captured their children, collected their treasures and wealth, and divided them among the lords. After the destruction of Qin, each of them was divided into three, named Riyong King, Sai King, and Zhai King, and named Ri Sanqin. Xiang Yu was the overlord of Western Chu, and he ordered the division of the world’s kings and feudal lords, and Qin was destroyed. In the next five years, the world was decided by Han.

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