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Ancestors of the First Emperor – The Legend of Qin’s Rise and Fall (Part 2)

In the thirty-ninth year of the decline of Qin, Duke Miao died and was buried in Yong. One hundred and seventy-seven people died, and the good ministers of Qin… are also in the process of dying. Qin people mourned….

The gentleman said: “Qin Miao, the Duke of Qin, has benefited the country from a wide area, served Xinjiang and Jin in the east, and conquered the Rong and Yi in the west. However, he is not the leader of the feudal lords, so it is also appropriate. If he died, he abandoned the people, and he accepted his good ministers and died. Even if the former king collapsed, he still left Dekui. Fa, what is the grief of the good people, good officials and the common people? So I know that Qin cannot resume the Eastern Expedition.”

When a person is born, he takes nothing with him, and when he dies, he takes nothing with him. What determines the value of a person is what you leave the world.

Duke Miao gave birth to Duke Kang, and Qin and Jin fought against each other.
Kang Gongsheng Gonggong, Chu Zhuang Wangqiang, Beibing to Luo, asked Zhou Ding,
Gong Gong gave birth to Duke Huan, and Jin led the princes to attack Qin, and the Qin army was defeated.
Duke Huan gave birth to Duke Jing, Jin was strong, and several princes of Huihui led him to attack Qin.

Duke Jing gave birth to Duke Ai. In the 31st year, members Wang Helu and Wu Zixu attacked Chu and entered Ying. The doctor of Chu, Shen Baoxu, came to be in a hurry. He did not eat for seven days and cried day and night. So he sent five hundred vehicles to rescue Chu.
In mourning Gongsun Ri Huigong, in the first year, Confucius worked with Lu.
Hui Gongsheng mourned the public, Wu Qiang, Mausoleum China. Confucius died in mourning the twelfth year of the Duke.
Mourning Gongsheng Li Gonggong, for twenty-four years, three families were divided into Jin.

Duke Li gave birth to Duke Huai and Duke Huai. For four years, the concubines and ministers surrounded Duke Huai, Duke Huai committed suicide. The ministers successively set up Huai Gongsun Linggong, Linggong Ji’s father Jian Gong, Jian Gongzi Hui Gong, and Hui Gongzi gave birth to a son.

Two years after the birth of the son, the concubine changed to welcome Duke Xian, the son of Duke Ling, and established it in Hexi, killing the son and his mother, beside Shen Zhiyuan. In the past of Qin, the number of Yijun was changed, and the monarch and his ministers were chaotic. Therefore, Jin regained strength and seized the western land of Qinhe.

Dedicate the year to the year, stop from death . In the second year, the city of Yueyang. In the twenty-fourth year, Duke Xian died, and his son Xiaogong was twenty-one years old.

In the first year of Xiaoxiao, the sixth country in the east of Heshan was powerful, and it was merged with Qi Wei, Chu Xuan, Wei Hui, Yan Miao, Han Ai, and Zhao Chenghou. Between Huaisi and Si, there are more than ten small countries. …… Zhou Shiwei, the feudal feudal power, vying to merge. Qin Se was in Yongzhou and did not make an alliance with the Chinese princes, but Yi Zhai met him.

Only self-improvement is the best way to save yourself.

The first step to self-improvement is not to deceive yourself.

Qin’s change <br />Duke Xiao then gave an order to the country and Japan: “In the past, I, Duke Miao, started from Qiyong’s leisure, cultivated morality and practiced martial arts, calmed the chaos of Jin in the east, and took the river as the boundary, and conquered the Rongzhai in the west, covering a thousand li of land. , The emperor sent Bo, the feudal lords Bihe, opened for future generations, very bright and beautiful. Those who would go to Li, Jian, Jian Gong, and children were uneasy, the country’s internal worries, not to mention foreign affairs, the Three Jin Dynasty captured my predecessor Hexi land, The princes are inferior to Qin, and they are extremely ugly. Duke Xian came to the throne, pacified the border, moved to Liyang, and wanted to expedition to the east, restore Duke Miao’s homeland, and repair Duke Miao’s decree. Few people miss the meaning of their predecessors, and they often hurt in their hearts. Guests. If there are ministers who can make extraordinary plans to strengthen Thailand, I will honor the officials and divide the land with them.”

When Wei Yang heard the order, he went west to Qin and asked to see Duke Xiao because of the Jingjian.

The willingness to honestly admit to your past mistakes is the beginning of not being deceived.

Why did Shang Yang go to Qin State? Call for merit. Talent wants a stage.

“Historical Records • Biography of Shang Jun”:

When Duke Xiao saw Wei Yang, he talked for a long time, and Duke Xiao was always sleeping, not listening. After that, Duke Xiao angered Jingjian and said, “The guest of your son is safe for people’s ears, soothes his feet and uses evil!” Jingjian asked Wei Yang to do so. Wei Yang said, “I said that the prince is the emperor, but his ambition is not enlightened.”

Five days later, he asked to see Martin again. Yang saw Duke Xiao again, and he was healed, but he failed to meet the decree. After that, Duke Xiao gave back to Jingjian, and Jingjian also gave Yang. Yang said: “I said that the prince did not enter because of the king ‘s way. Please see Yang again.”

Yang sees Duke Xiao again, and Duke Xiao is kind but useless. Just go. Duke Xiao said to Jingjian, “You are kind, and you can talk to me.” Yang Ri said, “I said that the Duke is domineering , and he wants to use it. Sincerely see me again, I know it.”

Wei Yang saw Duke Xiao again. Gong Yuyu, who did not know that he was at the banquet before. Talking for days. Jingjian said, “Why do you like my lord? My lord is very happy.” Yang said, “…I use the technique of strengthening the country to speak to the lord, and the lord speaks to the ears.”

The Way of the Emperor: The way of the public world. The King’s Way: Do the righteousness and righteousness in the world. Domineering: False benevolence and righteousness. Qiangdao: Don’t talk about benevolence and righteousness, just be strong.

In three years, Wei Yang said that Duke Xiao had reformed the law and revised punishments , cultivated crops at home, and persuaded outsiders to reward and punish those who died in battle, and that Duke Xiao should be kind to him. Gan Long, Du Zhi and the others were arrogant and fought against each other. If the martingale method is used in the army, the people suffer; if they live for three years, the people will suffer. He worships Yang as the Zuo Shuchang.

In the seventh year, he met Du Ping with King Wei Hui.
In the eighth year, he fought with Wei in Yuanli, and had meritorious deeds .
In ten years, Wei Yang built for Daliang , surrounded Wei Anyi and surrendered.
In twelve years, as Xianyang,… Qin moved to the capital. …
In the nineteenth year, the Son of Heaven sent Bo.
Twenty years later, the princes were completed.
In the 21st year, Qi defeated the Wei Ma Mausoleum.
In the 22nd year, Wei Yang attacked Wei and captured Wei Gongzi Yin. Feng Yang was named Liehou, and he was named Shangjun.

As long as you are sincere and self-improvement, success will always be faster than you think.

Qin Zhiqiang <br />Xiao Gong led, and Zi Huiwen ruled. Yes, Zhu Weiyang.

At the beginning of Yang, he applied the law for Qin, but the law did not work, and the prince violated the ban. Yang said, “If the law does not work, it comes from the nobles. If you want to practice the law, you must precede the prince. The prince cannot get a tattoo, but his master.” When Duke Xiao died, the crown prince was established, the clan resented Yang a lot, and Yang died, because he thought it was contrary, and the soldiers split the car to go to the Qin state.

In ten years, Zhang Yi became Qin . …
Fourteen years, even the first year.
In the seventh year, Han, Zhao, Wei, Yan, and Qi Shuai and the Huns attacked Qin and Qin envoys Shu Changji and Zhan Xiuyu, captured their general Shen Cha, defeated Zhao Gongzi Ke and Han Taizi Huan, and beheaded 82,000.
In the ninth year, Sima Cuo attacked Shu and destroyed it.
In eleven years, he defeated Han and beheaded 10,000 people.
In the thirteenth year, he attacked Chu, beheaded 80,000 people, and took 600 li from Chu and Hanzhong. …
Hui Wang led, Zi Wu Wang Li, Han, Wei, Qi Xin, Chu and Yue were all guests and followers.

In the second year of King Wu, Zhang Yi died.
For four years,… King Wu was powerful and good at acting, and the warriors Ren Bi, Wu Huo, and Meng Shuo were all high officials. Wang and Meng said that when a tripod was raised, he would never die. In August, King Wu died, Zu Meng said.

In the second year of King Zhaoxiang, see Comet. Shu Changzhuang rebelled against ministers, princes, and sons, all of them were executed, and even Huiwen was not allowed to die. Mourning Queen Wu returned to Wei.

In the fourteenth year, Zuo Gengbai attacked Han and Wei at Yiguan, beheaded 240,000 people, and pulled five cities.
In fifteen years, Daliang made Bai Qi to attack Wei and Chu. …
In the twenty-ninth year, Daliang made Baiqi to attack Chu, taking Ying as Nanjun, and the king of Chu left…
In the forty-three years, Wu’an Jun Bai attacked Han, pulled out the nine cities, and beheaded fifty thousand.
In the forty-fourth year, he attacked Korea and took Nanyang.
In the forty-five years, he attacked Korea and took ten cities.
In the forty-seventh year, … Qin envoy Wu An Junbai attacked and defeated Zhao Yu Changping, killing more than 400,000 people.
Fifty years, … in the thirteenth month, Wu’an Jun Bai Qi was guilty and died.

Shang Yang turned Qin from a vicious dog into a tiger, Zhang Yi released the tiger, and Bai Qi armed the tiger with iron.

In the fifty-first year, the ruler of the Western Zhou Dynasty backed Qin, made an appointment with the feudal lords, and sent the world’s sharp troops out of Yique to attack Qin, so Qin attacked Western Zhou. The king of the Western Zhou Dynasty went back to his own way, and he took the blame and offered his 36 cities with a mouth of 30,000. The King of Qin accepted the offering. …
Fifty-three years , guests from all over the world. …
In the fifty-fourth year, Wang Jiao saw God Yu Yong.
In the autumn of the fifty-sixth year, King Zhaoxiang died, and his son Xiaowen was established.

In the first year of King Zhuangxiang, … the lord of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the feudal lords sought Qin, and the Qin envoy Lv Buwei, the prime minister, executed him and entered his kingdom.

In four years, Wei general Wuji led the troops of the five countries to attack Qin, but Qin was outside the river.

At the end of Qin Dynasty <br /> King Zhuangxiang died, his son Zhengli was established, and he was established for twenty-six years .

The first emperor collapsed in fifty-one years, and his son Hu Haili became the second emperor.

In three years, the feudal lords rebelled against Qin , Zhao Gao killed the second emperor, and established his son Ying. When Ziying was more than a month old, the feudal lords executed him and then destroyed Qin.

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