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DALL·E 2 (probably) brought a sea change to the design industry

Please allow me to add such a vulgar title to this English article. The DALL·E 2, which was recently recommended by this newspaper, “opens your mouth can make artificial intelligence produce pictures” has really brought a huge impact to the entire industry. Online More and more demos have turned out to have my colleagues yelling “we’re going to lose our jobs”. This article also talks about this issue from the perspective of “what is more expensive design”. The point of view is quite interesting: the popular background visual elements in web design around 2015 changed from photos to illustrations, because Unsplash was the representative in those years. Free galleries make it easy to get photos, and are relatively “cheap”.

Design system released for Osaka Kansai Expo

The theme of the 2025 Osaka-Kansai World Expo to be held in Japan is “The Cycle of Life”, and a design system has been released recently. By expressing “time without beginning and end and life that is constantly flowing”, it presents the beautiful, cyclical, or zero or whole, ubiquitous and constantly changing “brightness of life” in the world. In this context, the mascot “Kung Hui-kun” is not so old-fashioned anymore (laughs to death)


Teenage TX–6 mixer

This newspaper generally does not publish product designs, and this mixer produced by Teenage Engineering should not be used by most individual users, but I can’t help but post it, it’s so handsome! The product design is very handsome, and the UI in the 48 × 64 pixel monochrome LCD screen is also very handsome!


The retro computer in the American TV series “Rocky”

If you have watched this Marvel series, you may be impressed by the retro and “futuristic” technological equipment in it. There are many beautiful pictures of the computer in this article, big cat killing pictures… oh No, the big picture kills the cat (ah! I suddenly feel that this sentence may not be understood by everyone, it is very suitable for the style of this computer~)


Cross-section of the hospital, the future of symbiosis

The Al Daayan Medical District was designed by OMA in collaboration with BuroHappold and is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This area is thinking about the future shape of the rapidly changing hospital in the context of rapidly advancing medical innovation, modular prefabrication, automation and medical science. And on April 11th, OMA and Squint/Opera released a prototype video about the project (this very different copy is from our member Qiuyang teacher at first glance).


Artificial intelligence lets you open your mouth and draw pictures

The title may be exaggerated, but the latest OpenAI DALL·E 2 can automatically generate photo-quality pictures through text descriptions. Judging from the demos currently circulating on the Internet, the ability to accurately understand text is quite strong.

Query cooking teaching video according to the matching of ingredients

This website is especially suitable for children who are not very good at cooking during the (Shanghai) epidemic. After simple operation, the corresponding cooking videos on station B can be screened according to meat, vegetarian, and kitchen utensils, and it has been made into a PWA that can be accessed offline. , the Google Lighthouse test can get all 💯 , a bit of a show…

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