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MasterGo’s designer ” documentary”

To be honest, I clicked on the video with respect, isn’t this what Leon and I have always wanted to do? But after watching it for two minutes, I found out… Did they misunderstand the “documentary”… I don’t want to be disrespectful to the cute designers in the film, and I understand the rules of the business world, and at the same time, I didn’t charge for real-time design. But this is really, really funny hahahahaha

GitHub releases two open-source Western fonts

A very special font release, two sets of variable sans-serif fonts in one breath, styles that have nothing to do with their “industry” programming, one is more basic, the other is more stylized, and it also directly matches IP image~


“Classic Era” Interactive System Demonstration Video Collection

This website collects interactive demonstration videos of various hardware and software from 1983 to 2002 by category. It also comes with an old Mac OS interface and retro-style Chicago fonts, which is delicious!

Use a picture to tell you how people all over the world express ” hahaha”

The Chinese part is quite accurate, using “23333”, hahahahaha, but the origin of this 23333 is not carefully introduced in the detailed text, and it may be difficult for foreign users to explain the cause and effect in a sentence or two, hahahaha


Icon Maker by Raycast

The Raycast team is likely to have excess productivity, so they made a tool for plug-in developers to generate icons, which is very complete in terms of tool operation experience~

Rewind, a search tool that is better than Time Machine

Although the description on the official website is a “search tool”, the online timeline is already powerful enough to look like a “time regression” tool. The official demo can graphically display the computer operations in the past period of time, from various software Intercepting text or even transcribing voice in video conferences, even if the actual completion rate is only 50 to 60%, it should be a killer app~


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