Playing with water in the nursery school

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Playing with water in the nursery

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, we received a notice of the result of the nursery school application. Po Po went to the Nigong Nursery School of his first choice, and the Year of the Tiger is off to a good start! This nursery school has new facilities and many activities, and it is just opposite the current nursery school. The route to school and work does not need to be changed much, so it is our first choice.

——Excerpt from “Happy Year of the Tiger”

In April this year, we successfully entered the Ninomiya Nursery School. Half a year later, Popo has not only fully adapted to the new school, but also has deep feelings for teachers and classmates. As far as I am concerned, although it is the second time to help Popo adapt to the new school, facing the completely different teacher-student ratio and the new environment, I have some hidden worries because I don’t know much about it. Fortunately, the previous experience filtered out many hardware problems floating on the table, and I have more energy to face the new life. Fortunately, the teachers in charge agreed with me, especially when I was most anxious, the comforting sentence “crying is normal, it’s okay” made me more courageous to face Popo’s fragility. I, Popo, the teacher, and the three of us went through the initial adaptation period hand in hand, and now it is very sweet. A few days ago was the annual interview. The teacher told me about Popo’s situation at school, and I also explained how she was at home. By comparison, I found that she can be herself at school, which shows that she trusts the school and teachers in her heart, and the teachers and I are very pleased. After a period of sincere mutual praise and testing, I was even more sure that my original choice was right. This is a good school, and I was lucky to meet a good teacher again. Now I have a good relationship not only with the teacher, but also with Popo’s classmates (because I remember all their names under Popo’s “guidance”), and also with Popo’s parents, My damn social cow attribute (proud face)~

Playing with water in the nursery

With the help of the teacher, Popo only recognized her best friend koki at the beginning, and now has an endless circle of friends, and even meets four or five-year-old brothers and sisters who call her by name. Although she is still too shy to respond or say hello, she can feel that her vision is getting bigger and bigger, and she is no longer limited to one or two friends, parents and teachers around her. I would also occasionally “push” her and tell her that even if koki didn’t come to school, you still have so many other friends. She seemed to understand this truth gradually and started to play with other children. On the other hand, the many activities in the school also made Popo love the school more and more. It was spring when I entered the park. After one or two months of adaptation and running-in, summer came. The teacher set up a swimming pool and water slides on the terrace on the third floor, and the children had water to play with every day. The cautious Popo also went from being afraid at the beginning to enjoying it. The appeal of everyone playing together is extraordinary.

The photos in this article were taken on August 22nd, in the middle of summer. The photography studio that cooperates with the school sent people to take pictures of the joy of children playing in the water. I have been in the kindergarten for so long, and I am looking forward to the photos of the school. Brother Dou and I immediately “spend a lot of money” to buy several. We also want to buy more, but there are not many photos of Popo, and there is a high probability that she is afraid of strangers and does not take the initiative to appear in front of the camera. But looking at the photos of other children is also very interesting, everyone has a cute appearance and soul~

Playing with water in the nursery

After buying the photos, I couldn’t wait to post them to the family group, and the group exploded, the magic of intergenerational relatives. I have to say that professional photographers take good photos. I suddenly felt sorry for my dusty camera. Brother Dou and I were very excited to see another side of our baby. Especially seeing her having fun at school, we can also feel more at ease at work. Now that Popo is older, he will talk to us about things at school when he goes home. I was also calmly “brainwashing” her. Going to school is not because mom and dad have to go to work and can’t take care of you, but because you need to study, make friends, and have fun at school! This is your own little world. Popo seems to understand but not understand.

Ninomiya Nursery School advocates learning by playing. In fact, I think it doesn’t matter if you learn or not, as long as you can play well! Thanks to the cooperation between the nursery school and the family, Popo has now acquired the skills to take care of himself, such as changing his clothes in the morning, and then preparing the clothes to take to school; drying and collecting clothes; Even put my shoes in order and so on. Recently, I was teaching her to take a bath by herself, and she did very well, getting used to it a little bit, and making a little bit of progress. I also marveled at the ability of a three-year-old after letting go, which was beyond my imagination.

The end of the year is coming soon, and Popo is going to be four years old. Time flies by both fast and slow. No one can say anything about the future, so I must cherish the present, enjoy the present, and live up to my youth and spring.

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