Another solution for Linux office to open QQ

For Linux enthusiasts, QQ/WeChat/Enterprise WeChat is a headache, especially in the office scene, it is impossible for other people to use it and you do not need it. The usual solutions are:

  1. Wine emulator: there may be various bugs
  2. VirtualBox virtual machine to install Windows: my previous method, the compatibility is the best, but the virtual machine consumes more disk space

In 2022, the virtual machine will be out. I recently realized that there is a big trend in consumer apps moving from PC to mobile. There are already many apps today that are mobile-first, with poor or no PC support. As much as I dislike these bloated mobile apps that haphazardly collect user information, there is nothing I can do about them. So the solution for 2022 is: use your phone.

Of course, switching between the computer screen and the mobile phone screen frequently is not a good experience. If you are an Android user, you can use scrcpy to mirror your phone to your computer:

  1. Phone connected to computer via USB
  2. System Options → Enable USB Debugging
  3. Run scrcpy -m 1280 –max-fps 24 on the computer // Set the maximum resolution to 1280, 24 frames per second, to avoid the frame rate being too high and occupying system resources

Then you can use the mouse to operate your phone on the computer: press and hold the left mouse button to slide, the middle button corresponds to HOME, and the right button corresponds to back. You can also type with the keyboard, Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V to copy and paste text between your computer and your phone.

Upload and download files can be used adb push / pull command .

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