Ant Group and Southeast Asian payment platform 2C2P have reached a strategic cooperation

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Pinwan, April 18th, on April 18th, 2022, Ant Group announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with the global payment platform 2C2P to jointly accelerate the promotion and use of digital payment and service innovation, and promote more global and regional merchants. Seam Connect serves hundreds of millions of consumers in Asia. So far, Alipay+, an innovative cross-border payment technology solution launched by Ant Group, has served more than 1 million global merchants.

According to the agreement, Ant Group has reached an in-depth partnership with 2C2P through strategic investment. As one of the market leaders in the payment industry in Southeast Asia, 2C2P connects 250 payment methods in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions, providing payment and settlement for merchants in vertical industries such as e-commerce, financial services, airlines, tourism, hotels and retail. other value-added services.

“Alipay+ and 2C2P are a win-win cooperation. 2C2P is deeply involved in Southeast Asia and serves a large number of merchants. We believe that through innovation and first-class payment solutions, we can accelerate the digital transformation of merchants and create an interconnected digital ecosystem for the local market.” Ant Group Zhao Ying, president of international business, said.

Aung Kyaw Moe, founder and CEO of 2C2P, said: “In recent years, digital payment has been widely sought after all over Asia. Through the cooperation with Ant, 2C2P will strengthen its technical and product capabilities to provide better services for merchants and partners.”

Market participants pointed out that this is another major move by Ant Group to accelerate its internationalization, especially in the Southeast Asia region where it is deeply cultivated, which will help its vigorously promoted Alipay+ to greatly enhance the mobile payment experience of consumers.

In 2020, Ant Group launched the Alipay+ global cross-border mobile payment solution, which uses cutting-edge technology to build a cross-border payment capability of “one point access, one access and all access”. At present, it has covered more than 1 million offline merchants, helping Asia More than 10 e-wallet users have realized one-stop cross-border consumption experience when they see Alipay+, and global online and offline merchants can also directly provide services to the 1 billion Asian consumers covered by these payment methods through Alipay+.

At present, Alipay+ has connected to more than 10 Asian electronic wallets such as Kakaopay in South Korea, GCash in the Philippines, and AlipayHK in Hong Kong, China, and in terms of merchant coverage, it has recently accelerated and intensively implemented in Europe and Asia. In the first week of April alone, more than 70,000 stores in Germany, Austria, Malaysia, and South Korea were added.

From Alipay, which was first used for Chinese outbound travel, to Alipay+ “all-in-one” that helps Asians now, a “plus” signifies the upgrade of Ant’s overseas strategy, and the international business has entered the fast lane of development.

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