Ant Group announced the upgrade of the privacy collaboration platform FAIR in Shanghai, and the security matching capability of 100 million-level data has been improved by more than 10 times

From September 1st to 3rd, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) was held in Shanghai. In addition to AI technology and the Metaverse, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has also become a highlight of this year. Today, the reporter learned from the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that the AntChain privacy collaboration platform FAIR announced the overall architecture upgrade, and the platform openness and large-scale computing performance have been further enhanced. FAIR has attracted widespread attention in the industry since its first release last year because it realized the native integration of privacy computing and blockchain technology.

Yan Ying, technical director of AntChain, Ant Group’s digital technology business group, has synchronized this progress. She introduced that the Ant Chain privacy collaboration platform FAIR is compatible with all types of privacy computing options, and has now achieved interoperability with open source privacy computing frameworks such as Arcane and FATE, as well as privacy computing systems such as Morse. This means that users can independently invoke multiple privacy computing components such as multi-party secure computing, federated learning, and trusted execution environment on a single platform to meet the needs of multi-participant data security, efficient collaborative computing and flow scenarios.


As we all know, in financial risk control, joint marketing, medical and health and other scenarios, frequent and large-scale multi-party data computing tasks are often involved. Whether the results can be calculated quickly, accurately, and safely directly affects the efficiency of business collaboration.

Yan Ying introduced at the scene that the FAIR platform utilizes the technical accumulation of Ant Chain in the direction of customized computing, and cooperates with Dharma Academy Computing Laboratory, Ali Gemini Laboratory, Alibaba Cloud FaaS and customized computing team, and Ant Trusted Native Technology Team, through software and hardware Acceleration improves performance in end-to-end scenarios of privacy computing.

The practical results show that the end-to-end computing power of the FAIR platform for the security matching (PSI) application of 100 million-level data is improved by more than 10 times, and the end-to-end algorithm capacity in the joint modeling scenario of large-scale data (400,000 rows and 900 columns) is improved by 28 times. , reducing a typical hourly computing task to less than 3 minutes.

The privacy collaboration platform FAIR was developed by the Ant Chain team of Ant Digital. It deeply integrates the advantages of privacy computing and blockchain technology to solve the problem of “available and invisible” in the process of data flow and data between multi-party collaboration. issues of ownership and authenticity. The collaborative process of the platform is driven by smart contracts, the data flow is solved by a privacy computing engine, and the rights are confirmed, registered and traded through blockchain technology. Effectively protect personal information in the process of data sharing, and realize the recordable, verifiable, traceable and auditable process of the whole process.

Focusing on the flow of data elements, Ant Digital also integrates AI technology to efficiently classify and classify massive data to ensure data security and controllability; use graph database technology to build a data asset map to achieve full data traceability. Yan Ying said that we firmly believe that the deep integration of privacy computing, AI, blockchain and other technologies, and realizing the asset-based flow of data is the technical direction that can truly release the value of data.


“AntChain is a practitioner of blockchain ‘basic technology’ and ‘integrated technology’.” Yan Ying said, in the past few years, we have focused on improving the basic technology of the chain and supporting a large number of scenarios. . What we are doing now is to grasp the core capabilities brought by “blockchain” technology-that is, the ability to determine and transfer value in the digital world, to build a comprehensive and three-dimensional trust infrastructure to carry the digital world. value transfer system.

It is reported that Ant Group has been promoting the research of privacy computing technology since 2016, and has created a three-dimensional open source framework for trusted privacy computing “Language” for developers, a privacy computing platform “Moss” for industry commercial use, and undertakes comprehensive capacity scheduling. The “blockchain + privacy computing” fusion technology platform FAIR can meet the different development needs and application needs of developers and government and enterprise customers.

This year, Ant Group established a new technology business segment “Ant Digital”, which is committed to continuously opening up Ant Group’s core technical capabilities in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, security technology, etc. Contribute to the digital operation of small and micro businesses, the digital collaboration of the industrial chain and the digital transformation of cross-border services.

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