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The “Anti-Social Personality Test”, which was popular for a while in the past, was not fun, but its rules were interesting. The normal test questions are based on the number of correct answers to determine a certain “ability” of the client, but the “anti-social test question” requires not how many questions the client can answer correctly, but how many questions they get wrong. Because the correct answer to the question is said to be linked to a person’s anti-social personality index, it is also divided into “murderer”, “perverted killer”, “super invincible perverted murderer” and so on.

When I was a kid, a group of kids liked to test each other with this kind of question. Probably because they think the word “pervert” is a derogatory term, so they also use this way to label others. I answered three questions correctly, and they were labeled as “will grow up to be a murderer” – which I gladly accepted, although I am not a person who will put violence into action, but after the subsequent growth , The psychology of violence and anti-social personality has indeed played a role, but it is also hidden in the words I wrote. As for whether I have actually achieved the achievement of “killer maniac” in reality, if I can still publish an article here today, It means that it has not been reached yet.

I should have been in contact with the “Nantah University Corpse Mutilation Case” very early. When I was a child, my family had Internet access very early. At that time, I would predict when my parents would come back, or call them in advance to determine whether to do housework or not. It’s to prevent them from making a temporary call home to find out that the home’s phone line is disconnected from dial-up. After completing these meticulous layouts, I began to go to various forums and chat rooms. It was there that he first learned about the “Nanda Corpse Smashing Case”.

This case is still a mystery to this day. Whether it is the murderer’s “brutal” means or his “calm” handling of the corpse, it perfectly fits the definition of “perverted murderer”. But he has not been brought to justice so far, and I have to say that I admired this seamless arrangement – of course, this kind of envy was impossible to show at that time. Think about it, I was labeled as a “murderer” for nearly half a year by answering three “anti-social test questions” correctly. My main reason was to show curiosity about the “Nantah Corpse Case” and to show concern for the perpetrators. The research on the technique, in another era, I was directly sent to the police station.

Of course, in reality, fortunately, I am still a “counselor”, and I will not show the label of “killer” that I got at the beginning. Even if I do encounter something that makes me angry, my priority is not how I want to get back at the other person in the moment, but “Since he will violate others because of such a thing, and he will not even realize that he has any problems, what if we If there is further conflict, maybe he will act more irrationally because of disgrace.” From this point of view, other people’s “sociopathic personality” is much higher than mine – of course, using the worst possibility to infer other people’s behavior may also be a “sociopathic personality”.

I’ve arranged a lot of murders, suicides, or putting people to death – like the “sociopathic quiz”, murder and death are not fun in themselves, but people infer from words whether I am a “pervert murderer” Crazy” or “buggy” process is more interesting. Sometimes, I just describe a person who is driven to do something impulsive and regretful because of a certain unsolvable knot in the heart, as an opportunity to enlarge – probably because it stimulates this group of people. The truest thoughts in my heart—

For example, strangling a noisy child whose parents do not care about it in public, of course, does not need to be done. For example, this “live and play” effort proves to everyone that “he is still a child, so everyone should not care about him”. The child accidentally stepped on his feet and fell into the bite of the elevator. His squeaky shoes were caught in the elevator, and his ankle was twisted into the elevator’s ties. Hearing his howl, only I noticed his bones cracking in the hinges – I felt a strange force in my body, as if manipulating a foreign object The elevator machine that got stuck and stopped automatically, the brachioradialis muscle of my arm bulged with distinct muscles, pulling the elevator that was already stuck, trying to keep twisting and twisting the pig-like creature. More broken and more thorough. Its bones are broken, and they are free in the broken muscle texture. The farther they are, the more difficult they are to overlap and piece together… Cry, consume all the noise of your life at this moment, I will let you Live with that right leg that even if it has disappeared, but will still wake up with phantom limb pain in every nightmare, you will be silent for a lifetime. At the moment of waking up, should you be glad that the phantom pain in your right leg has disappeared, or should you be painfully expecting that it would really be a great pain in the way of existence…

Well, I admit that I am indeed a “pervert”.

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