Apathy (rest)

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I love the work of John Singer Sargent! This is an artist living in the United States, who is not only excellent in depicting royalty and society, but also has a delicate ease in depicting ordinary people. In fact, the artist became one of the most popular portrait painters of the late Victorian era, but he was ultimately irritated by the whims and vanities of those prominent portrait painters. By 1909 he had abandoned traditional portraiture and began to experiment with more imaginative realms.

Here we see Sargent’s niece, Rose Marie Ormond. In keeping with his new preference for informal figure studies, Sargent did not create traditional portraiture; instead, he painted Rosemary as a languid nameless figure steeped in poetic reverie. The reclining woman, posing casually in an atmosphere of elegiac serenity and perfect luxury, is the epitome of indifference – the original title of the painting. Sargent seems to have been documenting the end of an era, as the haunting aura of fin-de-siècle gentlemanly and graceful indulgence conveyed in “The Rest” would soon be overshadowed by the large-scale politics of the early 20th century. and social unrest.

Side note: Check out John Singer Sargent’s beautiful view of Capri, Italy . 🙂

64 x 76 cm

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

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