Apple announces partnership with China Green Carbon Foundation to launch pilot project in Chengdu

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Pinwan, April 22, Apple announced today that it has established a new partnership with the China Green Carbon Foundation to provide support in supporting research, exploring best practices, and more. And help build a network of partners around the goal of increasing the quantity and quality of carbon sinks for sustainable forest management in China.

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China has abundant forest resources, but most of them have not yet been certified as quantifiable high-quality forest carbon sinks, which cannot better promote the investment and public welfare investment of social funds in forest protection and sustainable forest management. . Ecosystems in Chinese metropolitan areas also have the potential to capture and store carbon in the atmosphere, and there are currently no readily available methods to adequately measure and assess the climatic ecological benefits within these metropolitan areas.

Apple’s partnership with the China Green Carbon Foundation will be used to support and promote the zoning of priority areas for carbon sinks in Sichuan Province, and to develop and explore best practice guidelines for sustainable forest management and carbon sink management that can be replicated in other regions of China. method. In addition, Apple will support a pilot project in Chengdu through the partnership to demonstrate the potential of China’s urban ecosystems to remove carbon and combat climate change.

This work will help to establish an effective set of action guidelines for planning and design of forest carbon sequestration projects in China, and form a high-quality carbon sequestration project reserve, further strengthening Apple’s efforts to support nature-based carbon removal efforts in China . Since 2015, Apple has carried out a series of forest protection projects in China, and will continue its efforts in other environmental protection aspects, which are also part of the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in the global industrial chain by 2030. Almost all of China-based Apple’s major suppliers have pledged to use 100 percent renewable energy to support this goal.

At the same time, Apple is committed to helping communities affected by climate change around the world achieve climate resilience and economic benefits.

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