Apple announces that it will increase App Store app and in-app purchase prices in select countries next month


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Pinwan, September 20th, Apple announced that as early as October 5th, in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam and all regions that use the euro, the Apple App Store ( App Store) will increase the price of apps and in-app purchases. The cost of auto-renewal is not affected by this price increase.

Apple said the price increases in Europe were the result of the current weakness in the euro against the dollar, but the company did not explain the reasons for the same price increases in other regions.

Apple provides developers with preset price tiers at which they can price their apps , which will increase in the aforementioned markets next month. According to Apple, the first tier will rise from 0.99 euros to 1.19 euros, while the top tier will increase from 999 euros to 1,199 euros.

Apple regularly adjusts App Store price tiers around the world, and some developers may adjust the price tiers of their apps to accommodate price increases.

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