Sony PS5 game console 2023 exposure: external optical drive, can be purchased separately

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According to game industry whistleblower Tom Henderson, Sony is developing a new PlayStation 5 game console with a detachable optical drive.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 will get a unique overhaul in mid-fiscal 2023, sources say Available around September 2023 .

Sources familiar with Sony’s plans shared details on condition of anonymity, outlining the next iteration of the PlayStation 5. It has been suggested that this new console will completely replace the A, B and C cases that have been in production since the console’s launch. The console is currently named D-Case PlayStation 5, and its hardware will be nearly identical to the PlayStation 5 already on the market .

The biggest change to the new PlayStation 5 is that it will come with a detachable optical drive that will connect to the PlayStation 5 using the extra USB-C port on the back of the console, according to sources. The new PlayStation 5 console will be sold separately or bundled with a removable optical drive. Optical drives can also be purchased separately, so you don’t need to buy a new console if it’s just the optical drive that fails.

Sources have hinted that the new removable optical drive is portable and it won’t spoil the aesthetics of the console , which could mean the new PlayStation 5 will look similar to the existing model.

In addition, the new detachable optical drive may mean that the new version of the PlayStation 5 will become thinner and thinner , and also allow the optical drive version of the PlayStation 5 to become as symmetrical as the non-optical drive version, removing the current separate bulge.

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