Apple forms Swift programming language working group!

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Objective-C is the past tense, Swift is the present and future tense.

Back in 2014, when Apple first brought the Swift language, it seemed to have a plan. A year later, it quickly open sourced the Swift language and supports Linux. The open source code is placed on its own website and hosting platform GitHub (

Now, Apple has once again made plans for a better future development of Swift. It announced the establishment of the Swift Language Working Group, which is mainly responsible for overseeing the Swift language and standard library.

In response, Swift core team member Ted Kremenek wrote, “Since Swift became an open source project, the Swift community has done a lot together, made hundreds of changes to Swift through the Swift Evolution library, and made significant improvements in the language and tooling. Progress. The community has gained momentum in recent years through various workgroups, including Diversity in Swift and Server Workgroup. The core team recognizes an opportunity to leverage the potential of these workgroups to expand the community and support more Members drive impactful input.”

The members of the Swift language working group are composed of experts identified by the Swift project leader and the core team, including Ben Cohen, Doug Gregor, Joe Groff, John McCall, members of the Swift core team, as well as engineers from the community and other major companies, such as Becca Royal-Gordon, an independent app developer and then a member of the Swift team, Freddy Kellison-Linn, a veteran iOS developer, Tony Allevato, a Google engineer, and more. They will carefully review, guide and strategically adjust language changes through their specialized knowledge base.

As far as Swift’s current development is concerned, according to the TIOBE programming language list, compared to the 16th position last year, Swift’s usage rate has increased significantly this year, successfully entering the top 10 of the list. At the same time, many media have included it in the “10 Most Popular Programming Languages ​​in 2022” list. Overall, whether on macOS or iOS, if you want to develop any application for Apple, Swift is a door that cannot be bypassed.

Today, the establishment of the Swift language working group, at least from the perspective of developers, is beneficial and harmless, and it is also an important policy for the mature development of the Swift ecosystem.

Are you currently using Objective-C or Swift when developing applications based on the Apple device platform?

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