Apple iOS 16.3 Official Version Fixes CarPlay Bug


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IT House News on January 26, Apple recently released the official version update of iOS 16.3, the main features include new security key support for Apple ID and support for the second-generation HomePod. The update also includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements, including fixing a nasty CarPlay bug.

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Last year, the initial release of iOS 16 introduced some bugs related to Siri and CarPlay integration. Some of these issues were fixed in iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2, but some bugs persisted, and some additional bugs appeared.

One of the bugs prevents Siri in CarPlay from properly integrating with the “Find My” app. If a user asks Siri to locate someone through Find My, it will respond that it cannot do so while the user is driving. This is a change from previous versions of iOS, which allowed users to ask Siri for basic Find My commands while driving.

IT Home learned that in the release notes of iOS 16.3, Apple confirmed that the update solves “an issue where Siri requests in CarPlay may not be understood correctly.” But the description is rather vague.

iOS 16.3 does include a fix for using Apple’s Find My feature while driving. Users can now ask Siri where someone is, and Siri will correctly respond with the person’s location. Of course, this depends on whether the person agrees to share their location with you through Find My.

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