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Hot searches on Apple are nothing new, but I didn’t expect that this time it was because of pornographic apps. Recently, some users found that in the Apple App Store, many apps with vests look harmless to humans and animals, but after opening them, they found that they were playing pornography.

An app is disguised as a quiz-answering game. After entering the app, it is highly similar to station B in terms of name and UI design, but the app is full of various pornographic videos, beauty dating information and other content.

There are many similar applications in Apple’s App Store, which shocked many netizens, and immediately triggered public opinion on the review mechanism of Apple’s App Store.

“App stores, as operators, should require developers to provide real identities. At the same time, app store operators should review whether the identity information submitted by developers is authentic, and should be responsible for the authenticity of the identity information submitted by developers, and undertake necessary review obligations. On July 27, Li Xiang, a partner lawyer and director of the Compliance Center of Shanghai Zhengce Law Firm, told the Times Weekly reporter.

Li Xiang believes that in the above situation, Apple is suspected of violating the “People’s Republic of China Network Security Law”, “Mobile Internet Application Information Service Management Regulations” and “People’s Republic of China Telecommunications Regulations”. According to Article 68 of the Cybersecurity Law, Apple may face penalties.

As of press time, a reporter from Times Weekly searched the App Store and found that several pornographic apps discussed by the above-mentioned public opinion have been removed from the shelves.

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The above-mentioned pornographic apps in the Apple App Store not only imitate Station B, but also imitate Douyin.

An app is very similar to Douyin in terms of page interaction. Most of the content is bad information. Users can view it by swiping, but they need to recharge. The app is no longer searchable in the App Store.

On the evening of July 26, a reporter from Times Weekly searched and downloaded an app in the App Store. After downloading and installing, the icon displayed by the application has not changed, but the name has changed.

To enter the application page, users need to complete multiple steps such as filling in age, gender, height, and uploading photos. The photos displayed on the page are blurred and can only be displayed clearly after clicking.

The Times reporter randomly clicked on several photos and found that most of the women in the photos were wearing revealing clothes.

After clicking on the photo, the user can enter the details page to learn the name, age and other information of the person in the photo, and can also give virtual gifts to the other party, chat with them, video, etc., but most functions can only be used after recharging. The VIP price of this product is divided into two types, 28 yuan / week and 348 yuan / 3 months, click the relevant paid button to download the paid version of the product.

In addition, if you have enough virtual crystal props, you can also make a video call with the other party, and virtual crystal props can be purchased through recharge. 100 virtual crystal props need to be recharged at 18 yuan.

According to media reports, these pornographic apps are not only disguised as short videos and social apps, but some even disguised as children’s apps.

Bao Ma Tang, who occasionally uses her own iPhone for her children, was furious when she heard the news.

“If Apple doesn’t make corrections and guide them correctly, I won’t let my children touch Apple phones again.” On July 27, Ms. Tang told a reporter from Die Zeit.

On the same day, a reporter from Times Weekly contacted Apple’s customer service as a user. A staff member said that it was the first time he had encountered such a situation. He had recorded the problem and would report it to Apple’s technical engineering department. The technical department will propose relevant solutions, which may be reflected in the next new version update.

As of press time, a reporter from Times Weekly found that no related pornographic apps could be found in the App Store.

Are there loopholes in the audit mechanism?

Apps full of bad information can appear in the App Store for users to download. Are there any problems with the App Store’s release process and review mechanism?

According to Apple’s official website, the general process of app distribution on the App Store is mainly five steps: select the build version, set the price and sales range, submit the app for review, apply for a promotional code, check the status of the app, and resolve the review issue.

In response to the review issue, the “App Store Review Guidelines” displayed on Apple’s official website clearly states that “Apps should not contain content that is offensive, disregarding the feelings of others, disturbing, disgusting, vulgar, or just creepy.” .

Among Apple’s list of “objectionable” content are materials that blatantly promote pornography or pornography, including dating apps that contain pornography or facilitate prostitution.

Apple has clear audit regulations, why can the above-mentioned pornographic apps still enter the App Store?

Some media quoted a practitioner as explaining that before an app officially enters the Apple App Store, it needs to pass Apple’s official review. However, many bad app developers will not add illegal content to the first version of the app submitted for review, but will update and iterate the app after the app is on the shelves.

On July 27, Zhang Xiaorong, dean of the Deepin Science and Technology Research Institute, told the Times Weekly reporter that he believed that Apple may first require developers to submit software according to certain requirements. These software require developers to review whether they are compliant and make commitments. After the submission, Apple will conduct technical inspections through machines. The parts that are not technically concerned need to be inspected manually, but the efficiency of manual inspections is low.

“This may be a loophole in Apple’s auditing mechanism.” On July 26, Zhang Lei (pseudonym), a technician from a major Internet factory, told the Times Weekly reporter that Apple may audit the App through “machine audit + manual sampling”. .

“It’s all manual work, and it’s definitely not efficient enough.” Zhang Lei believes that no matter how perfect the mechanism is, there will always be loopholes, which can only be constantly repaired and improved.

In fact, this is not the first time such an incident has been exposed in the Apple App Store. According to media reports, in September 2011, the Apple App Store was exposed due to the presence of suspected pornographic apps in the app download rankings; in April 2013, the Office of the National “Crackdown on Pornography and Illegals” announced that the Apple App Store would be investigated and punished according to law. 198 websites with obscene and pornographic information.

Ironically, Apple founder Steve Jobs once said: “We think Apple has a moral responsibility to keep the iPhone out of porn, and those who want porn should buy an Android phone.”

Are Android phones better than Apple when it comes to apps? The issue has also aroused discussions among netizens on the Internet.

Zhang Xiaorong told the Times Weekly reporter that from the perspective of App review, among many mobile phone manufacturers, Apple’s review process and review requirements are relatively strict, and Android phones will also have similar problems.

“In response to such problems, regulatory agencies should conduct access-based review and management of app stores and other similar platforms, strengthen the construction of technical means, and on the basis of big data tracking, strengthen the coordination and cooperation between regulatory agencies. App conducts periodic inspections to avoid illegal situations that are ‘inconsistent’ in some apps.” Li Xiang said.

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