Apple wants to cut supply chain prices: Lens manufacturers are under the greatest pressure, and Foxconn is no longer the only supplier

On December 27, local time in the United States, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has been tracking Apple’s dynamics for many years, issued a document saying that Apple’s lens suppliers Largan, Yujingguang and Sunny Optical may have higher than expected profit pressure in the first half of 2023 because The price reduction of iPhone 14 series lenses will be significantly higher than in the past, and the price cuts of some lens items may even be as high as 20%. Foxconn, another major Apple supplier, was also affected by the market news. Foxconn has occupied the exclusive assembly of the high-end iPhone Pro series for many years, but this year, based on risk control, Apple has made Luxshare Precision one of the iPhone 15 Pro Max assembly supply chains. | Related reading (Interface News)

Shao Mu

Apple’s products are priced high and its ability to control the supply chain is strong. It is estimated that this is the key to its success with a net profit margin of more than 20%.

In the entire price structure of Apple’s mobile phone, the chip is its own, and what can be cut is a negligible foundry fee, while the flash memory and the screen are all from major manufacturers, so there is not much room for bargaining, and Apple seems to be able to find some The soft persimmon has come to pinch.

However, no matter how much Apple bargains, it is estimated that it will not benefit consumers. The price of Apple’s mobile phones has been increasing in recent years. At present, the most expensive one has exceeded 10,000 yuan, and it is likely that the 15 series released next year will continue to break through the limit. However, with Apple’s appeal, it may still be able to continue to sell well. This is probably the place where many Android manufacturers are drooling.

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