The Law of Attraction: There’s a Free Lunch in the World – Read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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As far as it sounds, I can get what I want. I want fame, power, wealth, love, health, and I can get it, and it doesn’t take so much effort to get it.

It feels like telling a joke.

It’s not a joke, but it’s about an important law of the universe—the law of attraction—that’s as real as the law of gravity. The discoverer was Australian writer Rhonda Byrne, a generous and selfless woman who wrote it as “The Secret” in her spare time, and it became popular all over the world after it was released to the public.

Before that, Rhonda Byrne was facing a breakdown, exhausted at work, the sudden death of her father, and an intimate relationship in shambles. However, the gleam of hope always flickers in the darkness of despair. In the process of searching, she discovered a great secret of life, mastering this secret is like having a magical Aladdin’s lamp, and her life has been completely new since then.

“The Secret” points out that there is a law in our life – the law of attraction, which works all the time like gravity and is as strong as the gravity of the earth. Everything in our lives is something we attract to ourselves: jobs, friends, health, finances, debt, joy, cars we drive, communities we participate in.

I was quick to believe it. Look at the friends we make, if you don’t know yourself, it’s best to observe your friends. Our friends are all our kind. What kind of person are you, and what kind of person are your friends. A gambler’s friend is a gambler, a businessman’s partner is a businessman, a literati will not make peace with a gambler, and a fitness expert will not associate with an otaku. This is the so-called homogeneous attraction and resonance of the same frequency.

The Law of Attraction is: what you focus on attracts into your life.

1. Everyone is a magnet

Each of us is attractive, everyone is a powerful magnet, we can move, cry, laugh, work, attack, create, because we are energy, everyone is an energy body, not just ours The whole body is a mass of energy, limbs, organs, blood vessels, skin, and each cell is a different unit of energy. Although it cannot be captured by the naked eye, our hands displayed by special instruments are not only skin and blood vessels, but also energy waves that radiate around.

Each of us has magnetic waves, and we have our own energy field around us, which can actually absorb people, things, things, thoughts and environments that have the same vibration frequency as our energy and can resonate into our lives.

2. Thoughts are powerful energy

Not only to see ourselves as magnets, but also to see the thoughts (ideas or ideas) in our heads with fresh eyes. In our inherent concept, thoughts are faint clouds in our minds, illusory, coming and going without a trace. The Law of Attraction cuts to the chase: No, thoughts are reality, and thoughts are power.

If a person’s mind is full of wealth, his focus on wealth, whether they realize it or not, is bound to bring wealth. Those top rich people, it is these thoughts that occupy their hearts that bring them wealth.

Makes sense. Why do the police use polygraphs to solve crimes? A lie detector detects changes in your body’s energy. You are asked a question: “Are you there?” If you lie, you will not admit it, but your palms may sweat, your blood pressure may rise, your heartbeat may speed up, and your breathing may become short of breath. Changes don’t lie, they betray who you really are. It is your thoughts that directly cause the changes in your physiology, that is, the thoughts in your head cause biochemical reactions in the body, they change body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rhythm, and they are extremely powerful.

I have seen an extreme example. There was an old man beside me with a red face and a strong body. He was diagnosed with cancer during a routine physical examination one year ago. The doctor told him that he still had one year to live, but he passed away in just ten days. Ten days ago, he was still vigorously practicing Tai Chi in the park, and he would pass away in ten days. It was not cancer that caused his death, but his thoughts and emotions of fear of cancer.

The Law of Attraction is emanating through thought.

Thoughts are magnetic and have a certain frequency. When you think, those thoughts are sent out into the universe. When you keep functioning, thinking consistently, they act like magnets, attracting all like things of the same frequency. So if you are a complaining person, the law of attraction will bring you more situations to complain about, and if all you think is good things, the law of attraction will bring good things to you.

Let’s think about some beautiful things!

3. Make a clear wish

Aladdin picked up the magic lamp, wiped the dust away, and a giant emerged. The giant always said a word: “Your wish is my command!”

Aladdin’s wishes come true one by one.

Think of yourself as Aladdin, the universe as a giant, and place an order with the universe. When making a wish, sit down well and get out a pen and paper. Or turn on your computer, create a page, and use your best self to make a clear wish to the universe: “I’m so happy and grateful right now, so, I want XXXX XXXX.”

This is the first step in the realization of the law of attraction. You don’t need to repeat it over and over again, just once, and the universe will receive your thought.

The reason to use a pious way is to clarify your goals, not half-hearted, not looking left and right, let the energy of thought be concentrated, and radiate into the air with the highest frequency and wavelength, so that the law of attraction can work most effectively.

4. Tune in to how you feel

Based on the fact that good ideas attract good things, we all make good wishes, but not all wishes come true as a matter of course, and things may go the other way.

The reason lies in the method.

The Law of Attraction is a natural law, it is objective, it acts as a mirror, receives your thoughts, and then responds these thoughts to you in the form of life experience. If we are full of negative energy, negative energy radiating into the universe, the law of attraction brings us more negative situations. If we are optimistic and radiate positive energy to the universe, the law of attraction will bring positive energy.

Like thoughts attract like.

Therefore, in order to get positive feedback, we must maintain positive emotions at any time. However, this is a skill that requires constant practice. For example, when we are sick, we will panic subconsciously and hover over the word “death” in our minds. It will come to you soon. There are not many people who are scared to death by their own problems in life. Therefore, even at this time, you have to be optimistic and firmly believe that you will overcome the pain and health will come. You have to eliminate the thoughts of “illness” and “death”, and fill your mind with the words “health” and “vigor”, “I can be healthy.” Get up”, “I am still very energetic”, “I am getting better and better”, at this time, what the universe sends is “health”.

Or if you’re in debt and you’re distracted every day thinking about debt, you’re sending a signal to the universe, “I’m feeling terrible because of all that debt.” You think, Just keep emphasizing this terrible situation to yourself, this feeling fills every area of ​​your life, and you will get more and more annoying feelings. However, when you are optimistic, full of confidence, and feel that you will definitely have “wealth” and have income every day, “wealth” will come to your door.

When you are sick, you can’t think “I don’t want to be sick”, but fill your mind with “I want to be healthy”.

When you are in debt, you can’t think “I don’t want debt”, but think “I have wealth” and “I am rich”.

When you don’t want to be late, you can’t think “I won’t be late”, but say “I will be early”.

It’s not a big deal, when we have negative words in our heads, we shrink. When our thoughts are positive, the whole body and mind will be opened and stretched, so try to experience your own feelings.

The law of attraction is just giving yourself what you “want”, not what you “want”. Therefore, you need to focus your thoughts on the things you “want” rather than the things you “don’t want”. The Law of Attraction does not recognize “don’t” “no” “don’t” or any other negative words.

5. Believe completely

Be consistent with what you say and believe unconditionally.

If you are sick, you make a “healthy” wish to the universe, but you are full of doubts in your heart, your body and mind still emit panic energy, and what the universe actually receives is the frequency of panic. The universe will only receive the same frequency. You can’t be positive on the outside and negative on the inside. You have to align your feelings with the inside and outside, and the moment you make a wish, you have to make yourself feel healthy, rich, or believe that you will get what you want even if it doesn’t exist yet.

Furthermore, you can’t believe it at this time, and you don’t believe it at that time. You have to trust all the time and keep vibrating with the energy of the same frequency. We all hope that our wishes can be realized smoothly, but things often do not progress so smoothly, and often they proceed in a tortuous way. When we’re at our lowest point, it’s easy to be skeptical. Whenever we have a thought of doubt, our thoughts switch to another frequency. Then, it is impossible for us to attract what we want.

Don’t think this is nonsense, everyone is an energy field, and everyone emits a magnetic field. When your thoughts change, so does your entire magnetic field. Your joyful mood draws others to you, and your complaining energy keeps others away from you. The universe of your body responds to the content of your heart song.

What’s more, the powerful energy of thought is also manifested as a guide to action. Under the guidance of thought, your actions will unconsciously be in line with the goal. If you want to get that car, you will go to the Internet to learn about the car, go to the store to test drive; if you want a house, you will outline the size, structure, decoration and furnishings of the house, and you will save money to buy a house in a planned way.

Energy will be concentrated more powerfully.

You have to believe with all your heart that you can have them, or have them.

Then, just wait quietly to receive the message. One day, the universe will send a gift to you. Don’t worry, don’t be nervous, and don’t doubt. At any time, no matter how difficult it seems on the surface, it is just the universe A step in the plan, we only need to remember: it will be realized, it is proved by thousands of examples.

Very fantasy is not it? Very idealistic, isn’t it? It is beyond our understanding, but the scope of personal understanding is very limited. Not understanding does not mean that it does not exist, and not understanding does not mean that it is unscientific. We didn’t believe in the Internet before, but now it’s realized; we didn’t believe in off-site video before, but now it’s realized; we didn’t believe that humans could migrate to Mars before, but now it’s in progress.

The law of attraction, termed “whatever you want”, what a beautiful word, we often use it to bless relatives and friends, how generous and kind. The bell of 2023 is coming, and when the new year is approaching, why not give it to yourself as a gift, so that you can start a wonderful journey in the new year.

Let us witness together.

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