Apple will allow Dutch dating apps to use third-party payments

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Today is June 13 , 2022, and there are 201 days left until the end of the year . On June 13, 1958 , China’s first nuclear reactor reached normal operating levels.

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According to CNKI’s WeChat official account, CNKI provides duplicate checking services directly to individual users.

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Apple will allow Dutch dating apps to use third-party payments

According to The Verge, on Saturday, local time, the Dutch antitrust watchdog said that Apple Inc. will allow the use of third-party payments in Dutch dating apps, ending a long-running dispute. It is reported that the dispute had previously resulted in Apple being fined a total of 50 million euros (about 353 million yuan) in the Netherlands.

With the concession, Apple will meet requirements set by regulators under EU and Dutch competition rules, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) said.

Apple has long mandated the use of its in-app payment system, taking a commission of up to 30%, which many developers consider exorbitant. “In the digital economy, big companies have a special responsibility to maintain fair and open markets. But Apple has shied away from that responsibility and abused its dominance over dating app providers,” said Martijn Snoep, chairman of the ACM board. “Apple ultimately Compliant with European and Dutch competition rules, which is reassuring.”

Last year, the ACM ruled that Apple’s rules violated competition law in the Dutch dating app market and asked Apple to allow those developers to use third-party payment systems. On Friday, Apple introduced rules that would allow Dutch dating app developers to skip the in-app payment system.

Dating app developers will still be required to pay a commission on sales outside of its in-app payment system, but there will be discounts, Apple said. Apple says it offers a 3% discount when you go through a third-party payment processor: If you paid Apple 30%, you’ll now pay 27%.

Former COO Sandberg under investigation by Meta over alleged misuse of company resources

Lawyers at Meta are investigating chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, who announced her departure today, for allegedly misusing company resources for several years, The Wall Street Journal reported. Meta employees who have supported the Sandberg Foundation’s work have been investigating several employees since last fall. In early June, after 14 years at Facebook, Sandberg announced he was leaving the company.

MIT cracks Apple’s M1 chip

According to IT House reports, MIT security researchers used the PACMAN M1 chip to attack and successfully broke through the PAC security function of the Apple M1 chip.

It is reported that Apple created different security layers in the design of the M1 chip, the last layer of which is called PAC. And researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) found that the PAC security features of the M1 chip can be cracked through a hardware (PACMAN) attack they developed. PACMAN can find the correct value to successfully pass pointer authentication to the PAC. The team says the vulnerability exists in other ARM chips as well , not just the M1, but it hasn’t had a chance to try it against the M2 yet.

At present, the research team has notified Apple of the problem and will disclose more details at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture on June 18 . Apple has yet to comment.

Google poached chief architect of IBM Z System chip for next-generation processor design

Google has poached Anthony Saporito from IBM as chief architect to lead the development of its “next-generation” CPUs, thestack reports. Saporito holds 115 patents and spent 21 years at IBM, where he was a distinguished engineer and master inventor, serving as the chief architect of the Z System chip, contributing to several generations of Power and Z System designs, focusing on is the branch prediction, instruction fetch and cache design.

The hire comes as Google continues to add to its own semiconductor team, hiring Intel veteran Uri Frank last year as vice president of engineering for server chip design. Uri Frank brings nearly 25 years of custom CPU design and delivery experience to Google. And others, including Intel veteran and system-on-chip design engineer Alex Gruzman, are building teams in California, Israel and India. So far, as AWS pushes forward with its Arm chips, it has largely maintained its Google CPU efforts and approach to servers that power cloud workloads.

UK watchdog probes Apple, Google over mobile browsers and games

Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said on Friday that the market power of Apple and Alphabet’s Google in the mobile browser space, as well as Apple’s restrictions on cloud gaming through the App Store, will The agency is in consultation to launch an investigation.

The CMA will also take action against Google’s App Store payment practices. A CMA report found that Apple and Google have a de facto duopoly in the mobile ecosystem, which allows them to stifle those markets, including operating systems, app stores and web browsers on mobile devices.

Without intervention, the companies could strengthen their industry positions, further restricting competition, the agency said.

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