Arch Linux surpasses Ubuntu to reach the top

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With the release of the Steam May survey results, the Linux platform’s user percentage base dropped slightly this month, and the most popular Linux distribution switched from Ubuntu LTS to Arch Linux.

Steam’s May survey results showed that Linux’s overall market share fell slightly by 0.02% to 1.12%, compared to 96.68% for Windows and 2.2% for macOS. With Steam’s overall user base continuing to grow, the absolute number of Linux users should continue to rise.

The chart below shows Steam statistics for April , when Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was still the most popular distribution with a market share of 0.16%, Arch Linux at 0.14%, followed by Arch-based Manjaro Linux at 0.13%.

And in May, Arch Linux 64-bit surpassed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as the most popular Linux distribution. Rolling releases of Arch Linux are counted as the same release compared to Ubuntu’s releases, which is no small advantage. Of course, Manjaro Linux and other Arch Linux derivatives are also counted separately.

Meanwhile, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS now appears in the list as a new release, with a total of 0.09%.

Other data is shown in the figure, the most common memory is 16 GB, and the number of CPUs is generally 4 cores…

Data from Steam Survey May 2022:


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