Are the “Twelve Artifacts” in the legend of Galgame really all made of thunder? (Down)

In the early years, when people mentioned Galgame and beautiful girl love games, they first thought that it might not be the grapefruit club, but the twelve notorious “Twelve Artifacts”.


Old rules, pictured above

It would be fine if it was a mere insider playing tricks, but now the name is getting bigger and bigger, so that there is a phenomenon of being victimized by wind criticism. Every time I recommend high-quality masterpieces such as “Su Qingri” and “Jun Bi”, some people often shirk it directly with the reason of “this thing is in the Twelve Artifacts, don’t play it, don’t play it”. . So I took this opportunity to rehabilitate the “Twelve Artifacts”, and took advantage of a few of Amway’s favorite works.

Since I also don’t plan to rate and rank these twelve works, I will introduce them in the order in the emoticon above. In addition, although I do like some of the works in the Twelve Artifacts, it is undeniable that there are really a few real big thunder works in it. Therefore, when it is introduced, it will also be demined by the way.

As mentioned at the end of the last issue , although the plots of the four works this time are completely different, the various elements in the game are quite worthwhile for horizontal comparison.

Lily Hunt – Who Killed the Robin

“it’s me

to no longer be afraid

to no longer fear

to no longer feel pain

– so I killed the robin”

The above is a brief introduction to the plot of this work. For readers who have not played this work, they may feel confused. But you can go back and look at it in conjunction with the content below.

But for the nature of this work, it is easy to guess from the title of this work – “Lily Hunting”. Therefore, for the plot of this work, I will not hide it. To sum it up in one sentence, it is: a crazy boy Xiang loves the little bird, but the little bird falls in love with the teacher who is also a woman. In the end, Xiang obtained the little bird by breaking up the little bird and the teacher, and in the end it was completely destroyed. Bird dropped.

The multi-perspective development in this work is a more interesting point in this work. It starts from the bird’s perspective, develops from the teacher’s perspective in the middle, and finally explains everything from the perspective of Xiang and wraps up the ending of the story to the beginning of the story. in flashback. The development trend of the whole story is: redemption – love – destruction – destruction. This kind of game experience is like climbing hard from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and finally rolling straight down from the top of the mountain.

But if the tragedy can be written well, then this work can be regarded as a good work, but unfortunately, the positioning of this work is still only a draft work (meaning that the plot revolves around H, with a large number of H plots as the main and highly practical s work). Therefore, in fact, the development of the emotional line in this work and a bunch of events that Xiang has made are very blunt (Xiang is too elusive and omnipotent in the whole story) .

Having said that, I still recommend interested players to experience it. On the one hand, this is because the plot of this work is short and concise, with twists and turns. Compared with those super-expanded masterpieces that require more than ten or twenty hours of preparation, this kind of short story that can be read in three or four hours is actually more suitable for current players. Making this slightly dark, with a hint of lily and NTR elements, is also more likely to stimulate the player’s senses. On the other hand, it is also because the screen and system of this work are very excellent, and there is no sense of the times at all.

Next, I will talk about some understanding of this work. It is recommended to watch it after playing (of course, it will not have much impact on playing after reading it).

The title of this work is “Who Killed the Mockingbird”, and the three main characters in the game can also correspond to this British nursery rhyme. This name can almost correspond to most birds in nursery rhymes, but I think the bird can only correspond to the robin in nursery rhymes; and teacher: Kono Lan (かわのらん) is the only one that can correspond to nursery rhymes Finally, the male protagonist: Skylark Qiuxiang (ひばりがおかカケル), which obviously corresponds to the skylark in the nursery rhyme.

First, start with the analysis of the symbols of the teacher and the male protagonist.

At the beginning of the story, the teacher tricked the little bird into going to bed by means of almost PUA (this is actually very clear from the teacher’s perspective), and then the little bird also fell in love with the teacher, and the teacher slowly fell into it and moved. Sincerely, this double incestuous love between teacher and student + same-sex has become Xiang’s means of coercing the teacher. The deeper the two of them are, the greater the damage will be, and this corresponds to the nursery rhyme: “Who takes the Take his blood? It’s me, said the fish, and with my little saucer, I’ll take his blood.”

And the symbol of the male protagonist is actually very easy to understand. In the story, the male protagonist can almost completely know what happens to the bird every day by means of peeping, monitoring, eavesdropping, etc. (this is also the reason why I think Xiang Xiang is too omnipotent in the story), In the end, Xiaoniao was locked at home for training and brainwashing. In the end, Xiaoniao died in Xiang’s arms. It can be said that Xiang is the only person in the story who can know all the ins and outs of the story. And this also corresponds to the nursery rhyme “Who will record the history for him? It’s me, the lark said, if it is not in the dark, I will record the history for him.”

Finally, let’s talk about the title of this work – “Who Killed the Mockingbird”. Apparently, Xiaoniao’s family killed her thoughts of pursuing love, her teacher killed her last obsession with love, and Xiang killed her body. In the final analysis, it is “love” that kills the robin. Now go back to the plot summary at the beginning of this subsection, do you suddenly feel enlightened?

Sleep and get the ball – the fragrance of meat

Insert a synopsis first:

The protagonist Nan Tuo is also a fourth-year student in a first-class university. With a weak personality, he works forward and backward, and is called “good old man” by Saya.

In order to save money and go on a graduation trip with his lover, Yuki Shinto, who has been with him for three months, he moved into the Misawa house as a tutor to Misawa Ottoha.

The steady and kind-hearted Kaori Misawa is always smiling.

Matsutaro Misawa is a powerful and suspicious person.

The always indifferent Ye Shaye .

Ye Luzi , whose mean character makes Takuya shy.

Ye Longsi , who behaves mysteriously and suspiciously.

This is destined to be an unusual summer…

My advice for this work is do n’t look for spoilers! Don’t look for spoilers! Don’t look for spoilers! Spoilers are catastrophic for the experience of this game. So I won’t get too much into the discussion of the core plot here.

This work is what I think is an extremely good suspense type GAL of the museum series. The main stage in this work is set at Misawa’s house. Undercurrents are surging under the day-to-day interaction of the nine people at home. Trapped in BAD ENDING, only when the last player overcomes all the traps and finally reveals the truth, will they be surprised by the truth, and this is actually the same as ELF released in 2003. A family 2″ is similar (more interesting is that “Kawaharazaki’s family 2” also has Tutian Minghai participating in the screenwriting). But the most different place is that the suspense part of “Kawaharazaki’s Family 2” focuses more on events, while the suspense part of “Fragrance of Meat” focuses more on characters.

This work has 18 endings in the plot, among which there are as many as 13 kinds of BAD ENDING, which may not be enough to see in the 3DAYS of the previous issue, but in my opinion, the most valuable thing in this work is that among these 13 kinds of BAD ENDING , has its strict logic, and there will be no problem of “duheism” (duheism means that the author has forced some unreasonable or even inconsistent developments for the convenience of plot development).

In most games, there will be more or less the problem of cohesion, and in this work, you can clearly feel the overall situation laid out by the screenwriter in the dark line of the plot. All plots are developed based on the purpose of the conspirators, the male protagonist The reason why it will enter various endings is obviously the layers of traps set by the conspirators, and if you go wrong, you will fall into the abyss.

As for the title of this work – “Sleep and Prom”, don’t worry too much, this title only corresponds to BE17, and this BE17 is also one of the most fun and funny BAD ENDING in this work, so you can actually play it with confidence This work will do. Although this work is also known as one of the trilogy of Earth, Heaven and Underworld, but the level of pure love of this work is still one of the best among all GALGAMEs.

Pure Love Torture – DARK BLUE

The protagonist went on a trip, and the foothold was a western mansion in Yineng. What seemed to be a leisure trip turned out to be a tragedy that night. Kotomi is killed in the restaurant. But the strange thing is that the expression on his face is very calm. Because the mansion was in a remote place and it was already dark, it was impossible to leave that night, and the housekeeper learned that there was a landslide nearby, and the news said that there was a murderer who absconded in the nearby area. So everyone finally decided to stay here and call the police the next day. The next morning, the twins’ bodies were found in Otowa’s room, and they were cut in half and stitched together. It seems likely that the killer is nearby, or even lurking in the house. Then ほのか gave the protagonist a master key, which can open all the doors in the big house, and hoped that he would help in the investigation. Can the protagonist find the murderer successfully?

Just from this brief introduction, players may expect a suspenseful GAL masterpiece full of suspense and horror atmosphere. But in fact, the suspenseful reasoning part of this work is not really exciting. Although there are two murders in the game, the suspense and horror in the game are successfully filled (hunting is also the old work of Izumi Wanye) , but for the suspenseful The finish is not strong enough to lift. The handling of the plot is full of communalism, and this is exactly what I mentioned in the above “The Fragrance of Meat Charming” that I attach great importance to in the suspenseful plot of the museum system. Therefore, the suspenseful plot of this work is of no quality to me. This has also led to the fact that the NTR gimmick in this work is far greater than the suspense (although NTR is actually the main element of the BLUE series).

This picture may be a bit of a joke from hell

The NTR part of this game is actually very mysterious. At the beginning, it mentioned the cursed bloodline of the male protagonist’s ancestral family. As a result, when I saw it in the actual game, it was a shit! Green slave. That’s right, the screenwriter uses this stupidest method to rationalize the NTR plot. When the male protagonist is investigating in the museum, if the events of the three female protagonists are triggered and he does not stop it, the male protagonist will become a voyeur green slave. Watching the female protagonists get NTR in various ways. And if the player lets the male protagonist choose to resist, the male protagonist will immediately have clear thinking and first-class eloquence, and beat all the yellow hairs. As a result, all HAPPY ENDIND can only rescue one female protagonist, and the other two female protagonists will Direct BAD ENDING processing. (Even “Kawaharazaki’s Family 1” can design a harem ending to rescue all the heroines, but you still have to sacrifice two)

Therefore, in fact, the direction of the plot of this work depends on the desires of the players. If you want NTR, you can let the male protagonist leave it alone, and if you want pure love, you can go all the way to pure love (although the amount of information in the NTR plot is larger) . And this also causes all the heroines to become very brainless. After all, they need NTR that can be easily solved by the protagonist who is not sick. The villain can only threaten the heroines with simple and rude coercion. The IQ of the heroines Naturally, it’s not going anywhere. Because for NTR, my personal opinion has always been that any heroine with a normal IQ will not be so easy to happen (superpowers and brainwashing are not counted), but if the coercion part can be written logically, then It’s the power of the screenwriter.

Virtual destination – euphoria

When I woke up, I found myself in a white room I had never seen before—

“Let’s start the game”

In order to escape from this room, Keisuke must act as a “lock picker”, set one of the heroines as a “keyhole”, and perform designated actions to “unlock”.

For the content of that extremely absurd and unethical behavior, Toko denounced the “Voice of Mystery” loudly in a fury.

Suddenly the room went dark.

The girls let out a panicked whimper.

When the white space was shrouded in white light again, what jumped into their eyes was the figure of Toko who was restrained by a strange torture device.

“Whoever quits the game dies”

The moment the voice fell, the device sent out an electric current.

Her whine and cry strongly stimulated the heroines.

However, Keisuke was inexplicably (sexually) excited about Toko’s appearance.

Keisuke has a secret.

He hides a desire for women in his heart—a forbidden impulse that cannot be known by anyone.

But Keisuke’s secret was seen through by Acacia.

Hehuan used the secret as a shield, forced the protagonist to obey him, and kissed.

“This is the kiss of the contract”

While Keisuke is shaken by Acacia’s unexpected actions, in order to protect the important person, Ye, and to escape from here, he decides to invade the heroines.

Can Keisuke escape from the white room safely and return to normal life?

Or sink into your own dark impulses…

——The one who decides the ending is naturally you, the protagonist.

This work can also be said to be one of the works with the highest plot rating among the twelve artifacts, so I will try to avoid spoilers in the following introduction. The more interesting point is that most players who have played this work, Everyone will agree that this work is the work of Izumi Wanye, but in fact, the planning and most of the plot of this work are in charge of my favorite screenwriter, Asa Shengyong. It is true that Qian Shengyong has hidden merit and fame (part of the reason is because Izumi Wanye’s reputation is really too great).

How to make sugar taste sweeter? Simple, just eat something bitter before sugar.

And this work is based on the five lines set up in this way. The “unlock” in the above plot introduction is only the foreplay part before the game OP, but this foreplay part is full of all kinds of humiliating PLAY with heavy taste and bad taste. It can be said that the plot of this game has not even begun before successfully surmounting this heavy insult after another. And this is the most bitter and bitter part of this work. And when you persevere and complete HAPPY ENDING with the heroine you choose, the story at this time will definitely not satisfy the player. After all, the player has experienced so much, and in the end it is only a hazy ending, no matter whether it is in the story. The background or the shady scene behind the whole incident has not yet been clarified, which obviously does not satisfy the players. With such a mentality, and finally successfully reached the TRUE ENDING, players can enjoy the final truth and sugar. And this candy will be sweetened by all the bitter memories that preceded it.

For a keener player, it is actually very easy to guess the core contradiction of this work and who is the real mastermind behind the four ordinary routes without plot locks in the early stage. The reversal of the plot and the unfolding of the worldview still shocked me. This work not only uses contrasting methods in plot processing, but also uses it for the second time in characterization. Against the backdrop of such a reversal, the ghost animals in front appear not to be so ghost animals, and pure love is completely purified into pure and pure love to the extreme. And this is one of the reasons why I like the works planned by Qian Shengyong very much. Qian Shengyong himself has his own unique concept of pure love, and this concept has also been applied to every work he planned.

The evaluation of this work is actually very simple. If you can accept the pile of PLAY that is too heavy for the watch company, I strongly recommend you to experience it.

Well, this series is completely over. Although some readers suggested that I do something related to the twelve magic weapons, as far as I am concerned, most of these twelve works have no plot to talk about (and I can’t find a few normal CGs that can be used) , so Well, let’s talk about it.

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